Monday, July 11, 2011

Crazy Good

Howdy blog world! I sure do hope your week has gotten off to a good start. Or that at least  you survived. For me this Monday represented a big ol' bundle of emotions. Stress, excitement, anxiety, exhaustion, giddiness, you  name it, I was bracing myself for a hurricane of emotions. I'll have to go back to Friday to explain.

First, I began a rainy Friday morning with a meeting at our local bookstore/coffeehouse. We had a break from dance last week, but in the last few hours of class the week before, I was offered another job. A local non-profit here was awarded a grant to provide different classes for any child in our community free of charge. They are offering pottery, World of Color, World of Dance and World of Theatre. This session they needed  a theatre teacher and somehow, I got the job. Perhaps one day I will write a book called, "How to Change Your Major 3 Times in College and Still End Up Doing Something That Has Nothing To Do With Any of Them." What do you think? Too long? Anyway, it's a 4 week deal and awesome blessing from God. So, I had planned to work on lesson plans over the weekend when I got a phone call requesting I meet with the lady who was hiring me to discuss my plans with her on Friday morning. Oops. I had to come up with a plan! Our meeting left me both excited and full of anxiety. Because it is new. And different. Does that happen to anybody else?

After the meeting we all loaded up and headed to Panama City to unload children. Sarah was spending the night with Josh's parents to celebrate her birthday with them and Eli was going to Georgia with my Mom and brother to attend my nephew's birthday party. For four nights and 3 days. I've never been away from him that long and he'd never spent the night away by himself without the girls. I was a bundle of nerves. I had also dropped Josh off to have lunch with our former pastor who will soon be preaching our revival services. So, Kate and I picked up some lunch and headed to the park. I enjoyed having some one on one time with my babygirl.

Saturday I loaded up and drove to P.C. to pick up Sarah. We were on our way to Milton to attend my friend's birthday party. The one with the big hats. Sarah was all dressed up in her new dress and hat and T had curled her hair and put some blush and lipstick on her. She also showed me her new mani/pedi which was her gift from Aunt Leah. I was pretty jealous. I had tried to paint my nails the night before but couldn't sit still long enough for them to dry. I finally ended up taking it off.  We got our prissy selves in the jeep and headed out. All was well until we turned onto HWY 331 at Freeport. I still don't know what was going on, but we literally went 20 miles in an hour. It was during that time that I decided to put a clear coat of nail polish on my nails. Yes, we were really that stuck in traffic.

It was totally worth it once we got to the party (and only 10 minutes late, btw!).  I've known my friend, Kim, since high school and we have experienced so many of life's big events together. We both fell in love with our high school sweethearts at the same time, my friends gave me a lingerie shower at her house, we were at each other's weddings (I was actually the coordinator at hers!), she and her Mom were in the labor room when I was having Sarah. I'll never forget it. I was trying so hard to be polite and have a conversation with them, but eventually the contractions won out. When my Dad passed away Kim and her family drove hours to come visit and check on us. So, what I'm saying is, we've shared some big moments together. I was excited to be a part of her big day.
It was such a great party. Sarah and I did our best to act like ladies. But let me tell you, it's harder than it looks. On the way to the party Sarah asked if I had any polish remover. I thought that was a ridiculous question until I thought about how she had watched me paint my nails in a traffic jam. Yes, my child had already chipped her new manicure. Then, as we walked through the parking lot she told me her dress was ripped. And it was. I immediately had a flashback to her 2 year old Easter pictures when she literally ripped the entire sheer overlay off of her dress. This time it was an accident. But still....All was fine until we were seated at a table with fine china and real crystal. Thankfully, we didn't break anything, but I did manage to spill a drop of my punch on the white cloth tablecloth. Then, we were changing before making the 3 and 1/2 hour drive home and Sarah dropped her shorts in the toilet. I tell ya what, you can't take us nowhere! :)

Kim's Daddy cried as he blessed the food and thanked God for his daughter. Then Kim gave a speech and talked about all of the women there and what they represented in her life. I about couldn't take it. If they had kept that up I would've  had that white tablecloth covered in mascara and snot.

Sunday, I was in the nursery. I had 3 sweet girls during Sunday School and then Sarah joined us for big church. It occurred to me as I rocked and watched them play and color and sing that I couldn't help but worship a God who took so much time and invested so much in creating such unique, special little beings. Awesome! I was a heathen preacher's wife and missed church last night. I took a nap and Josh just let me keep sleeping! I guess he just did not want to encounter my wrath if he woke me up. I don't blame him. I don't wake up well.

I woke up this morning a bundle of nerves. My new boss was supposed to be coming to my class today and for some reason that just really stressed me out. The thing about teaching theatre is that if you don't know the kids, you don't know how the activities you've planned will go. What if they just stood around and refused to do anything or told me it was the dumbest thing ever? That was what I was prepared for. It turned out that I have some really great kids and they embraced everything I asked them to do and I finally had to tell them it was 5 minutes past time for class to be over and I had to get ready for my dance class. I had so much fun. It almost feels wrong that I get paid to do such fun stuff!

After my dance classes tonight we headed back to Panama City to make a hospital visit and to pick up Eli from my Mom's. He ran up and jumped into my arms! It is so good to have him back home!

My heart is just full. Sometimes life feels crazy. And sometimes, it feels crazy good.

"You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence."

---Psalms 16: 11


Lori said...

Your crazy, busy days always leave me feeling exhausted, but with a big smile on my face!! I'm so thrilled you got another job you love!! And you girls looked fancy-gorgeous in your big hats!!!

Cathy Lewis said...

We were thrilled that you and Sarah Beth were able to share this milestone in Kimberly's life. You and your whole family mean the world to us, we love you all....