Sunday, July 15, 2012

That's What Makes You Beautiful

Sarah Beth, today you are ten years old. Double digits. A decade old. I can't wrap my mind around it. The minute you were born it seems like life went into fast forward and hasn't stopped. It has flown! Speaking of the day you were born, you would've thought I was Princess Kate getting ready to deliver the heir to the throne the way people were waiting in the waiting room. You, my child, will never have to wonder if you were wanted or loved.

It is so hard to explain how life changing you were. The first year of your life was hands down the hardest one I've lived to date. We did a lot of crying and eating together. I am able to look back on that year now with such appreciation because it is true that God gives beauty for ashes. I am so thankful for hard lessons I had to learn and for the fact that you survived. I prayed a lot that we both would. :) 

Despite the tough times (or maybe because of) so many moments are seared in my memory. The first time you laughed out loud. The first time you got shots and Aunt Jenny went to give us moral support and cried more than you. :)  The first time I was taking a shower and you learned how to scoot yourself out of your bouncy seat and I  found you laying in the floor very proud of yourself. I still remember the clothes we were both wearing the first time you ate real food and the time I gave you prunes just to see the face you would make and you LIKED them and boy did I pay for that!!! I remember how I made such a big deal out of staying at home with you so I wouldn't miss any "firsts" and you waited until I went in the kitchen one night and crawled while Daddy watched. Firsts with you are always fun. Like your first day of kindergarten when your teacher asked you if you knew how to spell your name and you said, "No, that's what I'm here for."

I remember this day, when we went for pictures and you literally tore the overlay of your dress off. For real.
I've already arranged your marriage with this sweet boy, so that's one thing less for you to worry about in the next decade. :) I love how you are in the driver's seat in this pic and I hope he knows, that's how life is with S.B. She's running the show. :)

Oh, firstborn child of mine, there has not been one dull minute since you entered our lives. Seriously, not ONE! I am so thrilled with the sweet, thoughtful girl you have become. You are kind and sensitive to others. You are friendly and never meet a stranger. You are a leader and are absolutely fearless. You are SPECIAL, other people say so, not just your Mama. :)

This year you wanted a skating party and for your friend Jacey to come visit from Mississippi. You also wanted to wear a turquoise shirt and flower in your hair for your party and get your hair french braided. I am telling you, you are a girl who knows what she wants. :) Today at your party you made sure to include all of your friends and your cousins. You sweetly read all of your cards before opening your gifts and when you said it was your best birthday ever, I believed you! It is truly a pleasure to be your Mama. Thank you for the best decade of my life. I can't wait for the next one!

You are a beautiful girl. The other night your Daddy was called out to minister to a family in a serious crisis. As soon as he walked out the door you said, "We need to pray for them." I am constantly amazed by your heart. It's as big as your smile and it loves Jesus and others. And that's what makes you beautiful.

Happy Birthday Sarah B.!