Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whatnot Wednesday~U-N-G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S

Well, y'all, if there was ever a time I needed a Whatnot Wednesday to vent meaningless, nobody cares tidbits of information, today is the day.

-Monday morning I awoke puking my guts out.  Nice, right? I don't ever get sick like that. Ever. Even during the "Great Stomach Virus" of 2011" when I thought we were all going to die, I didn't get sick like that. It just came out of nowhere. I was shocked. It was not planned. Did not fit in my schedule one bit. Josh was in Panama City working and I *thought* the kids were starting their testing that day and what was I supposed to do? I determined I would make it my deathbed mission to get them to school and I did. As we went to leave our glass door got stuck (as it often does) and I'm not kidding, I called Josh crying. How embarrassing. I was so weak and I couldn't get the stinkin' door open and the future of our children's education was on the line (NOT!) and I was a mess. He didn't know I had been sick and so I'm sure that me crying over the door probably had him ready to pack me up and take me to the place with all the men in white coats.

-I just had to ask Josh if this is 2011.

-Kate has taken advantage of my sickness. When Josh got home the other day most of our kitchen was in the living room. Yesterday I was OUTRAGED to find pink marker on her new nightstand (remember the one we just picked up SATURDAY????) and today I found her and a wall of my bathroom covered in make-up. I took a pic of the wall, but it seriously looks like a crime scene photo so I will spare you. BTW, magic erasers are my best friend. They got the nightstand clean!

-Last Friday I chaperoned a field trip for Sarah's class. We went to a pioneer settlement. I think stuff like that is real cool. I thought I would share some pics from that experience.

This right here is the ugliest chicken I have ever seen. There was another one that looked like this and I figure there must have been a fight. Is this a chicken's equivalent of a bad hair day?

This is a sweet pic of Sarah and some classmates pumping water. Seconds later she smashed her hand in that thing and experienced the only injury of the day. Leave it to my child!

-One of my ballet classes is dancing to a song from Titanic (NOT the Celind Dion one) and one of the girls told me that yesterday my fellow dance instructor was working on the dance recital line up and was trying to find out if the dances ended onstage with a pose, or with the girls dancing offstage. She wondered out loud how "The Titanic" ended and one of her middle school girls very excitedly told her, "Ooh, ooh, I know! The boat sinks!" Yes, she was serious. :)  The dance teacher then went to the lobby to ask her question to which another dancer replied, "The boat sinks!"  What can I say? Our dancers really know their history. :)

-My son has the coolest fan club at the ballpark.

-The good news about my sick days is that I was able to watch two seasons worth of "America's Next Top Model." My life is so much richer now. :)

-I have the best husband ever. Have I mentioned that? He's taken very good care of me. He even made a special trip to the store to get me wheat thins, grapes and pineapple because it was the only thing that sounded good to me.

-Well, I'm sure y'all would love some more fascinating details about my exciting life, but this is all I have for now.  Now it's your turn to mosey on over to Everyday the Wonderful Happens....  and link up, too!  (There's still a few hours left :)


thewonderfulhappens said...

ugh--soooo sorry you were sick! Stomach issues are the WORST, especially with the hubs out of town.
And yes, if a chicken ever had a bad hair day, I think that must be what it looks like!

Cindi Dailey said...

Wow! Hope you feel better! I had something hit me at work today...lets just say it was bad. Only lasted about 3 hours, but whew!

Karen said...

Oh no!! Hope you are feeling better. And yes, that is the ugliest chicken ever - poor thing - maybe some Infusium 23???

Amber said...

Oh Emily I am with everyone else and am glad you are starting to feel better! I have have look and look at the picture of the chicken and can not tell whay I am looking at =) And I love your shirts for Eli, might have to snag that idea for Caleb, his first game is next Monday!

Lori said...

Ugliest chicken ever!! I HATE stomach viruses that pop up out of nowhere and that seriously sounded horrible!! I sat in the hall and cried when I needed to vomit and our card didn't open the door on the way to Disney so I feel ya there! And yes, Eli does have the coolest fan club! LOVED the shirts!!

Stephanie said...

Where is the head on that chicken? I honestly can't find it. I enjoyed reading your post!!