Friday, April 1, 2011

Camera Ready

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Who was it that said that? I can't remember. I would google it, but I'm too preoccupied with being totally lazy. Anyway, I have to ask myself, what did it take for her to be beautiful? Was she one of those girls with naturally shiny, perfect hair and skin that never ages? Or was she a Miss Congeniality behind the scenes with a team of people and chemicals? I find myself wondering because tomorrow the girls and I will have our pictures taken for dance and tonight we've had a night of beauty. My girls, they are natural beauties. Sarah has the most amazing silky, straight hair. It's what I've always wanted. Of course, she wants curls.We've tried everything. Hot rollers, curlers you sleep on, curling irons, you name it we've tried it. But I knew she would want curls again. So tonight I got creative and just twisted her wet hair in pincurls and bobby pinned them. We'll see what happens in the morning.
I also gave Sarah a french manicure. The cheap, not exactly straight, my Mama did it, version of a french manicure. It was fun! Those are her real nails, too y'all. I'm so jealous. All of mine broke this week.

Girls are so much fun. I have to say, this was a special thing for us tonight though. Nail polishing and stuff is usually something they do at the grandmas. By the time I feed and bathe all these youngins I don't usually have much time to play beauty salon. They do, however, seem to find time to play without me. Like yesterday, Josh dropped Kate off at the dance studio so he could take Eli to his ballgame. By the time Kate and I found our seat in the bleachers I looked down to notice hair stuck to her shirt. I was trying to place it. It looked lighter than most people's in our house. Shorter too. I asked her about it thinking maybe it had shed from Daisy when she told me, "It's Barbie hair." Mercy. I've already been through this with Sarah. When I was pregnant with Kate, Sarah "styled" all of her Barbie dolls and then left their hair on the hardwood floor of her bedroom IN LOTION!!!! I would totally vomit to this day if I smelled that lotion. Anyway, I was torn between being mad she had cut the doll's hair and being SO glad she didn't cut hers. (Sarah did that, too.)

I'm showing you these dolls from the back A.) Because every doll we own is nekded and 2.) to protect their identity. It's the least I could do.

Okay, well maybe I have to show you Ken's bangs. I'll tell ya, this is true love if these two can make it through these haircuts. :)

It just isn't spring if I haven't launched into full, make-over mode. Jergen's Natural Glow, 2 hour teeth whitening, and new make-up. Am I the only one who considers a new look one of the most exciting parts of Spring? Yes, I'm shallow, vain and superficial. I admit it. I'm also orange, have teeth a lighter shade of yellow and most days don't even bother to wear make-up. But the point is, I TRY. I try,  y'all. Yesterday I was in the make-up aisle in Wal-Mart and noticed that an anti-aging foundation (yes, I've reached that point) wasn't completely wrapped in plastic and I could try it. I've always been told you should rub foundation into your wrist to see if it blends with your skin tone. So, I did. I don't know what happened. It started out as one little squirt and before I knew it, I was covered in make-up. I glanced around frantically for anything to wipe my hands on. Nothing. I started blending. The underside of my forearm has never looked so good. I seriously considered putting make-up on my arms everyday. Speaking of that, do you know what they make now?? CVS has this stuff by Joan Rivers and it is make-up for your legs! Y'know, to cover up varicose veins and stuff. I'm saving up my CVS bucks. I am so gonna get that stuff! BTW, a major life event happened in the midst of the craziness of my life the last few weeks. Y'all better be glad I've been so busy or I may have dedicated an entire week to it. What, you ask? My first gray hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And get this, I colored my hair, and that one hair is still there!!!!! Josh keeps telling me it's blonde. Yeah right. I am just thankful that this event occured in the middle of t-ball season and dance recital preparation. I just don't have time to obssess over it properly.

Well, my hubby's softball game got canceled tonight and he's searching for a movie for us to watch. So, after my night of beauty I'm about to retire to the couch for a date. Wearing not an ounce of make-up, oversized pj's, and split ends that have split ends. Maybe by the morning I'll have had enough beauty sleep to work miracles. It's amazing how I've gone from wanting to be naturally beautiful to just hoping to be artificially presentable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please tell me, what is your beauty secret you can't live without?


Cortnee :) said...

Well, besides laughing hysterically @ the Barbies and the Ken...AND how FUNNY u are. I guess my beauty secret is to first- take care of your skin every day by washing your face morning and night with age-fighting cleansers and moisturizers. MOISTURE is the key to no wrinkles! And to always remember that true beauty comes from within. Emily---YOU ROCK! :)

Kristy said...

This post made me laugh... :D It reminded me of my mom giving me pin curls and a recent post of mine about a near-nekked Barbie at And wasn't that Sybil Sheppard in a hair color commercial who didn't want us to hate her? As far as beauty secrets I'm with Cortnee - cleanse and moisturize. Also, don't sleep in your make-up and go without it as much as you can (which for me is not much!;)...

Lori said...

The idea that I would have a beauty secret is laughable really. The only I would like to have is that I never go to bed without washing my face but that just wouldn't be very true. I have also been scrounging the stores and the internet for products to help me get ready for Spring:)

Karen said...

Ohmigosh I found 2 grey hairs the other day! My family was not so encouraging though, their comments: "yeah, you're getting so old," and "yeah, it happens" These were both accompanied by hysterical laughter. I still don't know how I feel about coloring my hair though, but that is another issue altogether. My "can't live without it" product - LOTION! (sorry, maybe I don't used the kind that makes you gag), but you know me - I'm addicted and can't go anywhere without it - face, hands, feet, wherever - moisturize, moisturize, moisturize is my mantra!!

patty said...

You are funny!