Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Is How We Roll

I love my life. It cracks me up. Sometimes I'm just overwhelmed by absolute giddiness. Which is so much better than when I'm overwhelmed with stress, fatigue and confusion. That happens a lot, too. But last Wednesday night, I got to laugh at our life. For months the ring bearer from our wedding has been asking Josh if he could use his car for prom. Yes, I got my first grey hair and the ring bearer from our wedding went to prom in a two week time frame. Let's all observe a moment of silence. Okay. So, Wednesday Josh met Robert for the trade-off. I knew we would be getting his truck. I just didn't know I would drive home to this-
It wasn't just any truck, y'all. It was the most ginormous pick-up truck I've ever seen. And it just happened to say "Southern Stroking" across the front. I'm still not completely sure I know what that means. I'm not completely sure I want to know. I just know I literally laughed out loud as I pulled into my driveway and imagined me and the preacher man totin' our family around in this here vehicle. I got home just in time to head to church where some of our church members had a good laugh about it, as well. One of them said, "At least it doesn't say "Southern Toking"!" word. Can you imagine?
I've always had a thing for cowboys. :)  Well, we all took turns wearing the cowboy hat. And we enjoyed some good old-fashioned mixed CDs full of country music and one hip hop song. That cracked us up. I appreciated the turkey callers hanging from the rearview mirror.
I wish I could report we had all kinds of wild fun in the truck. You know, muddin' and stuff like that. I wanted to. I've been in desperate need of some fun. But, reality calls so we did the next best thing. We hauled stuff! Woo-hoo! This truck came just in time to pick up the girl's new bedroom furniture and mattresses. I was thrilled. I think Josh determined he never wants to own a truck again. :)  Robert kept calling to tell Josh stories about comments people made about his car or people who wanted to race and stuff like that. When we went to trade back vehicles he said, "So what have y'all been up to? Everytime I talked to you you were haulin' something. A dresser, a mattress."  It's true. That's what we've been up to. Hauling. :)

So, Josh's car got to go to prom.

Would you believe me if I told you Josh still has my garter in there from our senior prom? It's looking pretty rough. I mentioned that to Josh and he figured up how many years ago it was that we went to prom, and well, let's just move on.....

Oh, who am I kidding? We're old. It's time to face it. Here's what Robert looked like in our wedding-
Doesn't he look like he could belong to Josh? He absolutely adored Josh and in this picture it looks like he might even adore me, but don't be fooled. I was the girl that stole all of Josh's time and attention. He wasn't fond of me at all. But, times have changed and gathering from the pic in his truck of him and his girlfriend smooching, I think he might have a better understanding now. :)  

What can I say, it has been a very full circle kind of time around these parts. And boy did we drive some circles this week looking cool in our pick-up truck!!!!!!!!!!!


Karen said...

LOL!!! I love this!!! (and I still can't believe your ring bearer is old enough to drive and go to prom...)

Lori said...

Now, this kind of post I can understand!! This is a South Alabama kind of guy:) But, tell me that's not a camo tuxedo??? Is it?

patty said...

I was going to ask the same thing, Lori! Please tell me that boy does not have on a camo tux!! I would just have died if my daughter's date had shown up in that!

Emily :) said...

Lori, he is a South Alabama boy! :) Don't worry y'all, his date had a camo dress. It was well planned. :)