Monday, April 25, 2011

An Epic Easter

Hello friends! Or random people who google things like "Coupons and puppies" or however you found this site. I hope you ALL had an amazing weekend celebrating that our Savior is RISEN AND ALIVE! We did have an amazing, busy weekend and what you are about to experience is an obnoxious amount of pictures. Consider yourself warned. :)

We kicked off Easter festivities with an egg hunt at the school for Eli's class.
And of course, a party.

Something very, very traumatic happened between the taking of these two pictures. Eli was leading the line on the way back from the hunt when he complained his tooth was hurting. I inquired if it was a toothache, but upon examination I was loose! His first loose tooth!  Eli FREAKED OUT. I've never experienced anything like it. He kept trying to hug on me and it was messing the whole line up as they were following whatever he did. I finally had to take him to the school nurse for some ice. For real. All I could think was that I was so thankful this child will never give birth. :)  That tooth is hangin' on by a thread, but he won't let us touch it. I suppose it will just randomly fall out one day. Maybe when he is 12.
That night we finished up dance pics and then headed out for a tball game. I was hot as a pig in a blanket. Oh my word! I'm one of those people who like the warm weather, but I was seriously contemplating wearing a bikini to the next game. But I decided nobody around has done anything to deserve having to look at that.  Maybe I'll just make a fan.

The next morning my Mom took off of work to go with me to the kid's field day. I'm so glad she did. We've never been to field day here so I didn't know what to expect. They had grades k-2 doing events at teh same time and of course Eli and Sarah's seem to always happen at the same time on the OPPOSITE end of the field. I think I got the biggest workout running up and down the football field. Sarah was not excited about field day. She kept talking about having to run the 40 yard dash and saying, "I don't know why they're making me do this."  She is so my daughter. I don't understand the purpose of running somewhere when you could stroll and sip a Diet Coke. Anyway, she came in 3rd for her class! I was so proud. I don't think either of us knew she could run that fast!
Kate entertained herself by running up and down the bleachers while I was distracted running up and down the field.

We went for a yummy lunch at Pepper's and then had to head home to wait for the carpet cleaners. And to bake 70 cupcakes. And 100 mini brownies. And lemon bars. I was astounded with how clean they got my carpet, but I'm pretty sure they are going to block our number the next time we call. :)  The kids stuffed eggs with candy while we were all exiled to the kitchen.

I could not believe it when I opened my eggs (the real kind) and realized I had exactly 6, which was exactly how much I needed for the ginormous amount of cupcakes I was making. It was too good to be true. Well, later that night I made a late night grocery run to get food for Sunday's dinner and when I put the eggs in the fridge I realized the other carton was still there.  Uh-oh. I realized at 11 pm after I had baked 70 cupckaes and 100 mini brownies that I FORGOT the eggs in one of the mixes. Oops. I had Josh taste one and he said it was fine. I was just tired enough to believe him.

The next morning we were in full gear getting ready for our Easter Egg Hunt/Open House. I accidentally called it the "haunted house" at one point and let me tell you, as I cleaned in circles all week I was afraid that was what it would be. SCARY! I finally got the house clean, the cupcakes frosted and the table decorated.

Kate told me when I put that bunny on the table, "Nobody wants to see that bunny up there on that table." So, I apologize. I am sorry if I offended anyone by the placement of the bunny. Josh made the cheese ball and later one of our church friends brought pigs in a blanket and some other yummy looking appetizer, but I never got another picture once they were added. She also brought the cutest cupcakes and I wished I had waited and put hers on the display!
These were mostly for me since I couldn't eat any of the good other stuff. But I was surprised how much people seemed to enjoy the fruits and veggies.

During the party Kate and her friend, Peyton went missing. We were a little panicked. Then we found them. Under the bed. With FunDip.

I really had a lot of fun doing the Easter Egg Hunt at our house. I usually get totally stressed out about hosting events at our house, but I can honestly say I just really enjoyed it. I think the kids did too!

Our Easter included a nice day at church, dinner with my Mom and brother, Philip, then heading out to have dessert with Josh's side of the family. You might be a preacher's wife if you pack up for a trip like this. :)

I learned this little trick from some of our Mississippi ladies on 5th Sunday dinners. They always had impressively huge tupperware containers, but my laundry basket is what I had to work wtih. :)

 Y'all, I know that this amount of pictures is obscene, but please take notice of this family pic. EVERYBODY is smiling. Every.last.person. I cannot tell you how many years I have waited for this picture. How hard I've worked. The sweat, blood and tears. The perserverance. It's an Easter miracle, that's all I can say. Or my kids just know they don't get to eat until they smile. Whatever.
 This pic sums up how these things go. You plan everyone's outfits. Then, your 5 year old (who is already suffering from the mental anguish of a loose tooth) skins his knee and refuses to pull his pant leg down or take an individual picture without a tennis racket. Did I tell y'all about his Santa pic from school? When I saw it I thought, 'Man, I know he needs new pants, but I didn't know they were that short.' He told us, 'It looks better in pictures when I show a little skin." Well there you go.
And finally, you need to know that even though we have officially given away all of our puppies, now our  neighbor has puppies and guess where they like to hang out? Yeah, our front door. They had lots of fun with the Easter grass.

Whew! If anybody actually got through this whole thing, bless you! I promise I will soon be back to the deep, important, thought provoking blogs I usually write. Okay, maybe not so much. I just promise I will never post this many pics again!! Hope your weekend was blessed and full of everything important to you!

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I enjoyed looking at all the pictures but now I'm tired for you! You need to take this week to REST!! :)