Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whatnot Wednesday

So, my dear friend, Lori, sent me the link for Whatnot Wednesdays because she said she wanted to hear the useless thoughts floating around in my head. I warned her she actually probably would rather not know. :) But....since she asked......

*An update from our day of beauty-Sarah's hair curled! Did I get a picture? No. Well, at least not one that I don't have to wait to pick a proof, pay half a year's salary and wait several weeks to get back. I got those pics. Barely. Kate was not cooperating. She didn't want to wear her costume. She didn't want to wear her hat. She didn't want to hold her lollipop. She didn't want to smile. Our little photo shoot got a little chaotic when other dancers began flooding the studio and I was a. still trying to get a good pic of Kate b. Sarah had 4 other costumes she was begging me to help her change into c. People were hollerin' for me to come pose other girls d. Kate climbed up in the photographer's lap and decided she liked taking the pictures as opposed to posing for them and e. I did not have time to change so I was looking like a doofus in a BRIGHT yellow, sequined, halter top costume that looks much cuter on my 8 year old than it does on me. One thing is for sure......I will never forget Kate's first dance pictures. :)

*Speaking of curls, the most often asked question I hear is, "Where does Kate get her curls from?"  It reminds me of when Sarah was little and people would go on and on about how beautiful she was and her amazing blue eyes and then look at me and say, "Who does she look like?"  Thanks. :)  Anyway, I always tell people she gets her curls from my Mom, but the truth is, I actually have a few curls. Kate wanted to take a picture of us in the bleachers at one of Eli's games (she is so going to be a photographer) and although it is a horrible picture of me, it shows one of my curls. The 1.5% of DNA I've passed on to one of my children. :)
Do you see that little curl on my neck? That is what happens when I am too lazy to completely straighten all of my hair. Does that allow me to take credit for Kate's curls????

*I must be getting old because my excitement of this week is that we are getting a new dresser and nightstand for the girls. I had found a chest of drawers I wanted to get and then I found a dresser AND the nightstand for $50 cheaper! Score! Anyway, the chest of drawers the girls have now is GONE. We bought it right after Kate was born and it has not stood the test of time AT ALL. Of course, one day I found a couple of 6 year olds climbing it and sitting in the drawers and I think that is what really did it in. It is now missing all of it's knobs, one drawer is stuck to the point of being unusuable and another drawer will pinch your fingers EVERYTIME you close it. Needless to say, it has been my nemesis in this house. How sad is it that I am looking forward to putting away laundry without pinched fingers? It doesn't take much to make happy these days......

*Eli is now having ballgames 2 nights a week AND practice 1-2 nights. I'm expecting him to be drafted for the pros any day now.

*The highlight of my week now is a new episode of Castle. Do y'all love that show? I think it is great. It is the perfect mix of humor and mystery for me. I may secretly fantasize that in another life I am Kate Beckett. :)

*I am super excited about going on a field trip with Sarah on Friday. We are going to a pioneer settlement. I don't care where we're going. I'm going on a field trip!! I felt extra special because her teacher called and asked me to. She asked if I would be okay following behind the bus in my own vehicle. Are you kidding me?? I get to make a 45 minute drive ALL BY MYSELF???? Woo-hoo! Sign me up! :)

*I better go now. Kate is in the kitchen. That is always dangerous. Let me show you.
This may seem harmless, but you must understand, these were sandwiches I made for a church function. Sitting right on top of my fancy, little sandwich tray. I am forever thankful Josh found this BEFORE I took them to church!!!!!

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Lori said...

I totally knew that you would be perfect for this and I was sooo right!! I tell you, the more I learn about Eli, the more I think he is a boy after my own heart. Baseball now?? Love it! A 45 minute car ride ALONE sounds like heaven to me too!!

I infered from Rachel Ray that "gilding the lily" meant to overdo something - make something that is already really good even better but if I'm truthful I had to google it too. She used it over and over and I had to know. It literally means to coat with gold. It's totally in my every day vocabulary now:)

So glad you linked up!

thewonderfulhappens said...

Thanks for linking up! that's a pretty impressive curl you're sporting in that picture. For a second, I thought it was an earring with a spiral design!

Cindi Dailey said...

love it! had to do it too. :) Definitely cool.

Anonymous said...

Wait....what?? Did you say your actually put up laundry? You're not just supposed to fold it and keep it in piles for a week? ;)