Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Forecast: Cloudy and Humid With a Chance of a Full Moon

Well y'all, I hope the crazy weather this weekend didn't mess up anybody's plans. You can pretty much blame me and Josh. I got my hair cut and he washed his car on Friday so that just guaranteed 100% chance of rain. Does that happen to anybody else? I was having the best hair day ever and then BAM! Humidity=450%. We went to Panama to do some shopping and luckily I was able to just tuck all 3 of my kids right up in my frizz ball to protect them from the rain. It was bad y'all.

Saturday morning was hoppin'. We had a kid's day at our park (don't you love that I've lived here less than two months and I'm already claiming parks?) in our neighborhood for the kid's at church. Josh had put a lot of work into planning it and I am just thrilled with how it turned out. We had a great group of kids and I was really excited with the adults from our church who showed up just to support it. It was the first time to really interact with our new church family outside of church and I so enjoyed swinging with one of our young moms while the kids played in the sand and joking with some Gator fans (yes, we show Christian love even to Gator fans). My favorite part of ministry is getting to know people for real and doing life (as Audra and Bran would say) with them. This was right up my alley. Anyway, I was worried we were going to get rained out but the rain stayed away and it was overcast enough to feel cool and breezy. With the exception of the insane wind that was not helping my hair situation, it was perfect!

The kids had fun playing games like the egg toss. Sarah ended up with a little egg in her hair which reminded me of a beauty secret I learned from Sassy Magazine (did anybody else read that?) in middle school. Conditioner made of eggs and mayo. Oh yeah! And I wondered why the boys didn't like me?????

Josh taught the kids about David and Goliath and brought a 15 pound cement block for them to throw to get an idea of what the tip of Goliath's spear weighed. I was impressed, we've got some strong kids! He also brought a ladder to let them climb and see how tall Goliath was. My favorite part of the day was when Josh asked the kids if they would've been scared to fight Goliath and Eli's new little friend, Luke, answered, "I wouldn't, I have karate skills." I'm tellin' ya, there is nothing like the confidence of a four year old boy!

We are not suspicious people (praise God because we've broken 945 mirrors in the last few years), but just in case......we feel it is safe to stand under a ladder IF you hold a Bible on your head. :)
The day was a big success, and as soon as we left the park it was time to book it home to get ready for a wedding. Josh's cousin got married that afternoon and by the time we got all of the food and stuff back to the church and unloaded we were pushing it trying to get everybody ready. Okay. Trying to get me ready. Dolly Parton says, "It costs a lot of money to look this cheap" and I say, "It takes a lot of time for me to even look halfway presentable to leave the house." I know, mine isn't as cute or catchy, but it's just the truth. Speaking the truth here, y'all. It was my first day to have to style my new hair and we were at the 450% humidity level and WHY THE HECK CAN'T I FIX MY HAIR LIKE THE HAIRSTYLIST????? Anyway, I hadn't bought the gift yet. I knew what I was getting so we just stopped by the store on the way and it would have been fine, but I asked them to gift wrap the present and for pete's sake, I could've wrapped our family Christmas presents for the next 3 years in the time it took her to wrap that present!!!!!!Oh well, I always pay for procrastination. ALWAYS!

Today has been slightly calmer. We joined the church this morning. About time, huh? It took us forever when we first went to Montrose because we just forgot. Same thing here. We've actually only had about 3 Sundays that we haven't had company on Sundays so we always had a million other things on our minds. We just forget we actually have to move our membership. Really. It seems like once they give you a house to live in it's pretty settled, right? :)

During service this morning Eli leaned down to pick up something and when he stood up his head was UNDER MY DRESS!!!!! I felt it start creeping up and quickly scared the mess out of him snatching my dress down. I am completely mortified at how close I came to "shining" in front of the congregation and NOT IN A GOOD WAY!!!!! I am happy to report that no where in this weekend's forecast did we experience a FULL MOON!!!!!!


Cindi Dailey said...

you are just too funny!

patty said...

Of course you show Christian love to Gator fans....they're the ones who need it most of all!! LOL

Go Dawgs!

Karen said...

LOL!! Once again I'm exhausted just reading the blog. Several things... (1) I hate summer and humidity is the main reason - it just makes you feel gross. (2) The hair thing - try Infusium 23 Leave in treatment - best hair care product ever invented after shampoo. Helps w/ frizz. I use it every day. (3) Too funny about the membership (maybe you were secretly missing all of us in Mississippi and it was a subconcious decision??) Anyway, Bro. Ron would totally use that as an argument for COG - they don't "do" memberships. Come for 6 weeks your in the directory. Miss a month and you're out - simple as that. :) Anyway, I wish you a week of good hair days (and I wish it was fall...) Love you!

Lori said...

Sounds like a fun day and I love Karen's comment about Pastor Ron!!

I have given you a wonderful blog award and tagged you in Three. You can check it out on my blog and play along if you want. I'm sure you'll be as thrilled with this as I was:)