Sunday, May 16, 2010

On the Scene

I missed church this morning to care for this little girl. She has been having a lot of trouble breathing through a stuffy nose at night and last night we discovered she has a very bad sore on her bottom that has been leading to some traumatic pull-up changes. I finally just decided to bring her to the recliner and I slept on the couch. She seems to do better in the recliner.  I never knew I would be so thankful for Cartoon Network. She dozed on and off. At one point she woke up and said "Where's Daddy?" I answered, "He's asleep." She said, "Okay." And that was that. I finally fell asleep at 2:00 and at 3:00 I opened my eyes and she was walking around the living room. I was afraid she was up for the night, but I asked her if she could get back in the recliner and she did and went back to sleep. Needless to say, we weren't feeling up for church this morning. The truth is, even if we weren't feeling so puny, I think I was in need of a recovery day. This has been some kind of week, y'all. I won't bore you with the details. Instead, I've decided to bring a little mystery to the blog, CSI style.

I am forever getting e-mails about going to school to be a CSI (crime scene investigator). Not sure why. But, I think I would totally like that job if not for my complete inability to handle bodily fluids or the fact that the sight of blood makes me want to pass out. But the investigating part, I could totally do that. When I was little, my favorite part of sick days was being at home during the time that Murder, She Wrote came on during the day. Yes, I do know that no other 10 year old liked Murder, She Wrote. Yes, I know that makes me weird. We had already established that, right? Well back to my mystery. I'm calling this "The Case of the Open Refrigerator and Pantry".

It was late on a Saturday afternoon. My husband was still working and my kids, including two of the neighborhood children, had resigned themselves to the playroom. I decided to attempt to finish a book I was reading. A mystery, of course. After a few minutes of reading I headed to the kitchen for a snack. I happened upon this scene.
I followed the trail of clues:

A half-eaten tomato
The scariest piece of evidence this CSI (children's snafu investigator) has ever come across
There were 5 kids in the playroom, but only one suspect
CASE SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Punishment was executed swiftly. For the CSI. I had to clean the suspect, the beanbag, the carpet she decided to drop and do an army roll on AND the bathtub.

Witnesses to the scene responded with laughter and passionate denials that they realized she had the peanut butter.

Other evidence of playroom/kitchen transfer were discovered after apprehension of the suspect.

Pink polish that was SUPPOSED  to be in the cabinet above the refrigerator.

This victim was found while CSI washed dishes. Thankfully, Mr. Astronaut had been added after the cooking of the spaghetti sauce and suffered no injuries. He was returned to his spot in the playroom.

It was while wiping down the dining room table that the CSI came across this crime scene.

Apparently this girl had been kidnapped and someone stole her clothes. In the excitement of the earlier case and the chaos in the playroom, her family hadn't even filed a missing person report yet. Her clothes are still missing. We've put out an APB.

Not all cases are solved so quickly. This was a lucky day. Maybe not for the CSI. Or the carpet. But  it was definitely a good day for an astronaut and a barbie.


III said...


If you're reading this in the future: you will never live this down. Mama will always remember.

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Lori said...

OH MY!! I saw this picture on fb on my phone and I could NOT figure out what she had gotten herself into, but now I know!! Great investigative work. I happened to be a fan of Matlock and Perry Mason:)

We've been at the beach all week (Navarre, not your beach or I would've gotten up with you:) so I'm just catching up on your blog. Congrats on the job - I just think that is FANTASTIC!!

I too have the biggest problem with the sleeping as a mother and still am up until 1 or so most mornings.

I loved he pirate birthday and that was an AWESOME cake!!