Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That

I try really hard to have a point to my blogs. To write things that will entertain you or encourage you. I have to confess that lately my blog juice has dried up. I just haven't been feeling it. Josh attributes it to exhaustion due to what I'm calling "The Feeding of the 5,000". We've had a lot of company lately! I've loved every bit of it though from having our family here to the neighborhood kids to some dear church friends we hadn't seen in almost 5 years!! (I'm planning a whole post on that when I can drag my lazy self out to the storage shed and get some pictures I want to post with it.) I don't know if it has been the beautiful weather or the excitement of all the newness, but I have just felt so productive. It feels good until I sit down at night and can't form a complete thought. Hence, the difficulty in blogging. So what I'm saying is I have a lot to say, but no energy or mental capacity to say it!! I will just try to hit the high points from this last week....

*Monday Sarah and Eli were still at my Mom's and just as I was about to leave the house the pest control guy showed up. As you can imagine I am a big fan of the pest control guy and was very excited by his presence in our home! While we waited for him to finish my Mom sent me a text saying that the kids wanted to go see the Chipmunk movie and she hadn't seen it so she was taking them. Josh and I took advantage of the extra time and decided to go eat at Arby's. It was a very full circle moment. When we were in high school I spent many Wednesday's eating lunch at that Arby's and leading SAC meetings. You see, I was the president of the Singles Anonymous Club (because I was the only of my friends that ever stayed single long enough to hold that title). It just so happened that Josh and his friends also hung out at that Arby's on Wednesdays. Does God have a sense of humor or what? We were very disappointed that Arby's had changed it's layout and decorations. I mean, really, didn't they know they are a landmark in the history of our lives and they were supposed to stay stuck in 1997 forever??

*Thursday morning Eli and Kate went to Mom's Morning Out and I got 3 hours at home with just Sarah. This next Thurs. Sarah is going to work on her schoolwork in Josh's office while I hang out with my SIL Leah. Seriously, MMO is going to revolutionize my life. Well at least until next month when Eli will be too old for it. But hey, it's nice while it lasts! Let me tell you a really long story of how I found out about MMO. When we found out we might be moving to this area, one of my dearest friends, Brandi, got me connected with her best friend who lives here. She is also a PW and a homeschooling mom with 3 kids who are all within a year of my kid's ages. Pretty cool, huh? Well, she started reading my blog and told her friend, who just happens to be the children's director at the church where they have MMO, about my blog and she started reading it. Audra and I planned a playdate a couple of weeks ago and Deborah asked if she could come because she wanted to meet me! They are such great girls and we had lots of fun! I was excited to find out that some twins had just moved leaving two openings for my kids. Okay, can you tell I'm a little excited?

*Thursday afternoon I made my way to P.C. to meet my Mom. My sister gave us both gift certificates for pedicures as a thank you for her baby shower and we decided to go together. I have to admit that I have the most ticklish feet EVER and was literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD while the lady exfoliated my feet. I also managed to push the wrong button on the massage chair (shocking, I know). Thankfully it just started beating me on the back. I'm pretty sure I could have eventually found a button that would have projected me across the room Go-go gadget style. After we left the nail salon I had to go shopping for a swimsuit. I preferred a root canal but the dentist was all booked up. Amazingly I found a swimsuit I really liked and felt comfortable in at only the second store. Notice I said I felt comfortable. I didn't feel like a Sports Illustrated model, but I felt like I could bend over to scoop up a tantrum throwing toddler without causing massive trauma to those around. Know what I'm sayin'? Oh how swimsuit shopping has changed. :)

*Friday Leah and T came to spend the day with us. It was the first time Leah had seen our house and Mrs. Traci hadn't seen it since the night we moved in. It was fun to show them around and have lunch together. The kids were a *tad* bit excited as evidenced by the fact that we finally had to make Eli run laps around the trampoline. We had supper with them that night and then went to a church softball game. Let me just stop here and mention that this week I went 5 days without a Diet Coke. For real. Well, I could tell everynight by 8:00 when I was yawning in 3 minute intervals. We left the ball park about 10:00 our time and this was the conversation in our vehicle: Eli-"I'm hot." Sarah-"I'm cold." Eli-"I'm tired." Kate-"kdhsoihds." Me-"Is there ANYTHING else??????"

*Yesterday we loaded up for the beach. Mrs. Traci had planned a beach day and some more of Josh's family were meeting us there. In fact, one of those family members I had never met in real life, but she also started reading my blog a while back. It has been so neat to get to meet people in real life! I so enjoyed visiting with her and hope we get to see them again soon. We had a blast at the beach. It was totally worth lugging the 700 pound cooler in the sand for. :) Josh was not there becasue he was playing golf and he was *supposed* to come after his game, but it ended up going a little longer than he planned. I later found out he was hitting balls and hitting people's houses. Really, with our track record of brokeded things, he probably needs a new hobby, don't you think?

*We culminated our weekend with a great visit with those sweet friends I mentioned earlier. The boy who was our ring bearer in our wedding (he's 16 now, but let's not talk about that) is part of that family and he wanted a ride in Josh's Monte Carlo that is FINALLY running. While they were cruising the neighborhood after church they met one of our neighbors. This neighbor started telling Josh about his neighbors and how one of them used to be a notable Nascar driver(Josh said I can't put his name) and that he grew marijuana on his back 40 and they would smoke it and talk about racing. I was wondering if this neighbor did not think it strange that my husband was in a suit and assumed the man did not realize he was telling this story to the preacher. Oh, but he did. Josh introduced himself as the preacher and he *still* told him this story. You gotta love honest people, right? I do think I will tuck this in the "Could only happen to us" file. :)

*Oh yeah, speaking of our new neighbors, Daisy has a new beau. Literally. His name is Bo. He's a pittbull that just got sprung from the pound and lives across the street. Daisy has found a million different ways to get out of the fence, but the moment I would give a million dollars to have gotten a picture of was when we pulled up the other night and she and Bo were sitting together IN THE YARD! BEHIND THE FENCE! Now she's inviting boys over while we're gone!!!!!! I really hope Rebel has moved on and isn't still pining away in Montrose.....Something gives me the idea that he probably has. :)


Karen said...

I am exhausted just reading your blog... :D

Lori said...

My thoughts on this post:

First, I love how God is connecting you with all these people in your new home.

Second, you "pot" guy story reminded me of my preacher's wife (funny huh?). She grew up a hippie - like, seriously California hippie. She said when she started going to church she did all kinds of bad things and didn't know enough to lie about it then:)

Third, I'm jealous of your day at the beach. I haven't had one of those yet.

And finally, if Josh is going to be a golfer - get ready, the game is NEVER over when it's supposed to be. From one golfer's wife to another:)