Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's 15:00 Somewhere?

I don't blog much about homeschooling because to be honest, I have quite the love/hate relationship with it. I'm just bein' honest. I am straight up jealous of the homeschooling moms who rock. They teach 8 subjects a day to 10 kids of all ages and even do cool science projects. They're out there, I've read their blogs.

In case you are not familiar with me, I AM NOT that Mom. I am the Mom sweeping the kitchen floor, begging my younger two to watch TV while I try to explain multiplication and why we need to know who the first president was. On a good day Kate does watch cartoons, on a normal day she polishes my nightstand with vaseline. On a good day Eli works on his letters at the table while Sarah does her work, on a normal day he watches cartoons.

This year has been an especially difficult one for homeschooling. We have been crazy busy, for many different reasons good and bad. To say that it is has been challenging to create a schedule would be the understatement of the century. The flexibility of homeschooling is one of the things that I love about it, but for this very non-disciplined, head in the clouds Mama, I have to work extra hard. Some days I am sooo ready to load everybody up and take 'em to school. Even my two who aren't old enough to go. Then, there are also days that remind me why I love homeschooling.

The days that make me want to lay in the fetal position and cry are the days when Sarah whines about every.single.thing I tell her to do. Those are usually the days Eli is squealing and fighting with Kate. Or he's running through the house hitting everything with his styrofoam sword and Kate is putting all of the toothpaste in the toilet. And Sarah asks something like, "Is it 15 0' clock?" Lord, have mercy.

But then, there are days like yesterday that give me the warm fuzzies for homeschooling all over again. Sarah was sitting at the table with her piggy bank counting her money. I LOVE when we can use real life to do school. She counted out her quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. She added them all together. Her motive in counting her money? She had been looking through the Oriental Trading catalog and she found a robot bank she thought would be perfect. The Easter Bunny brought the kids piggy banks for Easter and it took Eli all of 5 minutes to drop his on the floor in the kitchen and break it. :) Anyway, I thought it was so sweet that Sarah wanted to spend her money on Eli's birthday present. Proud Mama moment. Especially since just last week she was saving up to put in a pool. :) We looked in the catalog to see how much the bank cost.I was a little surprised to see the cost. $16.99 for the bank. I had Sarah subtract what she had from the cost to see how much she still needed. I was still thinking that it seemed a little pricey. That's when I noticed it said the cost was $16.99 for a dozen robot banks. I explained this to Sarah and she answered, "I know. That way he'll have more if he breaks one." Good thinkin' babygirl, good thinkin'!!!!!! :)


Lori said...

Now that's a sweet sister!!

I'm amazed by people who homeschool - I think it's so great but nope, not me!! I just don't have it in me. Please, please, Lord, don't call me to homeschool!!

Karen said...


Lori...be careful...Emily said the same thing...

Melody said...

That is really sweet! And I bet you are a great homeschoolin', FUN Mom. Just savor every moment because the days will be gone before you know it. I'M KIDDING.....I am so stinkin' sick of hearing that from people. Some days I just want the days to be GONE before I know it! Ha! Okay, I'm kidding...well, sort of.
I just love your blog. I really do. Please don't ever stop writing. You are refreshingly real and funny!

Amber said...

Aww what a sweet big sister Sara is!! I am with Lori I too stand amazed at you for homeschooling, you are such an awesome Godly mother!!