Friday, September 4, 2009

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut...

As you all prepare for this long holiday weekend I thought I would offer you some advice. Personally I am planning to take advantage of the Labor Day sales this weekend and as I have mentioned before, my high school reunion is NEXT WEEKEND!!! Holy cow. Well anyway, rather than admit that the reason I have put off shopping until this weekend is that I was waiting until the last possible moment to suddently become a size 2, we will pretend that really it was just to take advantage of the aforementioned sales. While I was researching upcoming fashion trends to help in the choosing of an outfit, I found some great ideas I thought I would pass along to help you in your shopping this weekend. Because really, I am about as hip and trendy as they come. :)

This first ensemble is a dream come true for me. It has 3 things working in it's favor as far as I'm concerned. First, the color. I personally heart this color blue and not only would I appreciate it, but it would also have the comfort factor of reminding my children of the cookie monster. Second, you just have got to love that hood. I don't even have to say what a lifesaver that would be on rainy, frizzy hair days. And honestly, wouldn't that be the perfect "my kids are embarrassing the mess out of me in Wal-Mart" outfit? You just pull that hood shut over your face and no one even recognizes you! Finally, I am always a fan of clothes that are so short you can't sit down in them. They make really great preacher's wife dresses. You go for visits and have to tell the little old ladies "I'm sorry I can't stay, I have somewhere to be" which really translates "I cannot possibly sit down in this dress without a blanket to put over my lap." Yes, this is definitely a winner....

This next piece (pieces?) just screams Dances with Wolves meets the Supremes. (Do you see that gold jacket in the background?!?!?) I will talk more about the Dances with Wolves theme of the upcoming year when I get to the accessories. I just thought you should see this whole look together. You really can't beat a fur vest, especially for a class reunion in Florida in September...
By the way, I would not recommend wearing these shoes anywhere near a location you might be forced to run from the wolves. Just a thought.

I've saved my absolute favorite outfit for last. As if leggings coming back into style did not already set my heart aglow, now the trend is for them to have a print! I personally don't think I have owned anything so stylish since my purple and gold hammer pants in 5th grade. And again, I am all about the head and face coverings. Let's just forget about hair and makeup altogether and wear a Fat Albert ski mask. Awesomeness! How do you think this would look with bowling shoes?

Now we have reached the most important part of our fashion lesson. Accessories!! I chose this picture because of the necklace on the far left. Again, this is a great mom piece. Just think of all the stuff you could latch onto that joker! Pacifiers, diaper bags, camera cases....if neccessary I believe you could put your kid in overalls and just hook them on there if they get a little out of hand! What do you think?
Hair is our most important accessory and I just had to share this picture I found and say DON'T DO IT!!!! This picture brings back very bad middle school memories of a hair cut that took place to correct a haircut I tried to give myself. Just say NO!!
Don't worry though if you have already messed up your hair. There is a solution for covering up those bad hair days. Feathered headdresses!!!!!! Seriously, why had I not thought of this before?? Wouldn't this look great with the Dances with Wolves ensemble I showed you earlier? My personal goal this year is going to be to kill a turkey, clean it and cook it for Thanksgiving and then make a feathered hairpeice for the special day. Y'all hold me to it, k?

Do you ever see runway fashion and just think, 'I could never pull that off?' Well, this year there is a trend we can all handle. Ripped pantyhose and tights. I am so excited about this trend because pretty much every pair of hosery I own either looks like this now or it will the first time I try to put it on Sunday morning. If you do not currently own this trend never fear. I will send my kids and dog to your house this very Sunday morning to help you on your way. :)

Finally, let's talk shoes. They are a girl's best friend, right? Well, I will just pass the trends along to you and tell you that you might want a podiatrist as one of your best friends too. Just sayin'.

Just to wrap up this little Fashion 2009 extravanza, I thought I would also leave you with my latest weight loss tip. Now, I know you have all been faithfully eating reese's cups, cresent italiano and doing the 3-legged race. I really hope that has been working for you. :) However, my latest favorite thing is Planters Nut-rition Digestive Health Mix. It has become my crack, y'all. It has granola, pistacchios, almonds, cranberries and cherries. I am addicted. I really think it has helped with appetite control. Okay, so maybe I eat 8 servings in a day, but still I usually don't eat as much of anything else.
I hope that helps. And I hope you have better luck finding them at Wal-Mart than I did. I was there with all 3 of my kids one day and we were at a different Wal-Mart than usual. At the end of our shopping experience with a buggy full and everybody nice and whiny, I went on the hunt. Some Wal-Marts keep them with the popcorn and stuff and some have them with the candy. I couldn't find them anywhere! Finally in frustration I said out loud "WHERE DO THEY KEEP THE NUTS IN THIS PLACE?!?!?" From the looks people gave me I was pretty sure I knew their answer. Just remember what they say. You are what you eat! :)


Lauran Ellis said...

I need one of the giant necklaces you can hook overall-clad toddlers to! I'm putting it on my Christmas list.

But seriously.. about your reunion outfit.. Ann Taylor Loft is having a really great Labor Day sale and I always have good luck there .. and p.s. one of the "it" colors for Fall is deep purple which would look GREAT on you!

Emily :) said...

Thanks for the advice Lauran. I actually thought about you when I was writing this for 2 reasons.
1. The turkey thing.
2. I love when you talk about your new clothes in your blog. You always sound like a fashion editor for a magazine. :) I really wish I could just take you with me to be my personal stylist!

I'm excited though, I checked and there is an Ann Taylor Loft store in Flowood which is pretty close by so I think I'm gonna check it out.

Lori said...

Love it:) I have to admit, I actually liked some of the shoes!

Karen said...

omg. For the first time in my life I may be "in" with the fashion trends with the ripped pantyhose thing. I have several pair! yay! :)

Here's what you do - get the first outfit - with matching blue tights (ripped, of course) that ring necklace and just to break the monotony of color add those red are ready for the runway. This outfit would be for the reunion dinner - bowling shoes would just tacky the whole thing up. :D

Good luck with the sales!

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, you are HILARIOUS!!! That was so awesome! My favorite outfit was the blue one. Thanks for making my night!

Emily :) said...

Amanda, I am glad it made you laugh. That is all my fashion sense is capable of!!! :)