Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Every year on my parent's anniversary I always think about how well it worked out for me that they decided to marry each other. Have you ever thought about that? Well, this month begins a big couple of months of birthdays and anniversaries in our family and I started thinking about Josh's parent's anniversary, which just happens to be August 16. I always remember it, even though I am a terrible daughter in law and never get their gift sent on time. I am hoping that maybe if I say wonderful things about them they will forgive me. :)

Just a few days ago I started thinking about how well it worked out for me that they decided to get married. I was born just a month and a few days after their wedding. I won't tell you what year that was or I would make us all feel old. :) Oh to think that in my newborn state of life God had brought two people together who would bring my most favoritest person into the world!

I am so thankful for Mr. Bucky and Mrs. Traci (who go by Dandy and T now, courtesy of my children) because they didn't just bring my favorite person into the world. They raised him to be all of the things that my overly romantical heart desired. He was raised to love God and to serve Him. (That was my number one requirement on my list.) He is tall. (That was number 2, and okay that really has more to do with genetics than raising, but still....). They taught him to be responsible, thoughtful, compassionate, caring and hardworking.

Most importantly, I know that Josh learned how to love me by watching how his parents love each other. It is a rare and special blessing in this day and time to see couples who truly love each other and especially who still like each other! They gave me the greatest gift a young woman could ask for, a husband who knows what a godly marriage looks like. They also added to my family. Where many families have strife with in-laws I have been blessed to now have two sets of parents who love me equally. In fact, when Josh and I were dating Mrs. Traci threatened to keep me and disown Josh if we broke up. I think that is why he kept me. :)

There aren't enough words to say thank you to these two who have done more packing, moving, baby-sitting and praying than any people should ever have to. I just want to say Happy Anniversary! And thank you for not waiting too long to have a baby! :) And thank you for having good genes that you passed down to my really, really, ridiculously good looking husband. :)

We love y'all!!!

This is the most recent picture I have of T and Dandy together. I promise they usually look much happier. This is the two of them walking down the aisle to light the unity candle at Leah's wedding after watching an extremely emotionally heartwrenching slideshow to "Butterfly Kisses". I was afraid nobody would make it down the aisle after that. :)

Okay, this is much better! Don't you love those smiles!

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