Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Okay, so a while back I posted about how I was going to have this great plan to lose weight before my high school reunion and get me some Lucky jeans. Let me tell you what has happened so far.

First, I have been sidelined by injury. I had started walking like 4 miles (for real) and then, I pulled a muscle in my back laying Kate down for a nap. Yes, I really did. I started feeling better and then Karen and I had to have a lunch date to make up for our lost two weeks of conversation and that meant O'Charley's soup and salad and of course the best rolls ever. We also discovered my latest greatest and favorite thing-chai lattes. I am not sure exactly what all is in a chai latte, but I am believing that it is very healthy and lowfat. :)

I recovered from my back injury and was soon struck down by a sickness that I have only known 3 times. Before you get excited (or worried), I have to tell you that I have been having problems with a cyst on my ovary. I normally would not share something so personal on here, but I am so that if you have also suffered from one you can e-mail me and we can feel really sorry for ourselves. Not only does the cyst make me feel extremely exhausted and nauseated, it also kept me up until 3 am a couple of Sat. nights back in pain. Y'all I am not kidding when I tell you I thought I was in labor. I just knew I was on my way to being one of those TLC documentaries about people who have babies and don't know they're pregnant. Mercy! I finally had to wake Josh up and tell him I was taking a Tylenol PM at 3 in the morning and that he might not be able to wake me up for a few days.

Well, enough of my complaining, whining and excuses. Here is what I have come up with. I am pretty sure it will be hitting the stores next summer. :)
1. My latest exercise routine now includes putting on my headphones and dancing around the kitchen while I cook and clean. Right now my kids smile at me very sweetly and think it is funny. I just know that in a few years they will be rolling their eyes saying to each other "I cannot believe she is our mother". We have had a lot of company lately and since that has caused me to cook lots of food that I really MUST eat for hospitality purposes, I feel that this is the best way to even things out. For those of you who have visited and missed the entertainment portion of the cooking, I am sorry the show is extra. :) For anyone in Montrose who happens to be in our backyard and look in our kitchen window and see me doing the Beyonce booty shake, I do apologize and hope that you will not hold it against my husband.
(BTW, in this pic I am making a dish called Crescent Italiano. It was my mom's recipe, but it has become the favorite at our house. It was the only thing I knew how to make our first year of marriage. Anytime people come to eat with us it is what they ask for. I am still unsure if people really like it that much or if they are just scared to ask me to make something else. Oh well, you can never go wrong with cheese and sour cream, right?)
2. The next part of the plan is diet. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an extremely healthy eater. (Um, not really.) Just check out what was in my fridge (besides my kid's shoes).
Yes, that is truly 3 packages of sour cream, a Reese's cup and a diet coke. I mean really, how many other weight loss plans would let you have these in your fridge? I feel the pounds falling off just talking about my plan.....
3. Recreational Activities- Finally, the top secret secret of my plan. The three legged race. Seriously, I don't know any other activity like running in sand, especially while trying to coordinate that running with another person, that not only works all of your muscles, but also holds the potential to land you flat on your face. That is hardcore!
Well, there you have it. I have discussed my girl problems, shown you pics of my refrigerator, me with no make-up and me in a bathing suit doing a three legged race. If this blog isn't motivation to get my act together, I don't know what is! Okay, I'm off to buy some blinds for the kitchen window. :)
*Please consult a doctor before beginning this exercise and diet plan as it will probably leave you in worse shape than you started.


Cindi said...

Love it! I think I lost 5lbs just from laughing! Oh BTW, have you tried the Reese's big cup???

Karen said...

(on another note...I have had no carbs today, but then again it is only 9:00 a.m. - I did great yesterday until about 3:30...)

Lori said...

I love this!!

BTW, I had a cyst right after I had Jack and I could not walk. When I say that, I mean I COULD NOT WALK!! Horrific pain! I feel for you! Lortab seemed to help, but you'll want to be careful with that:)

III said...

I think you look just great, Emily. I guess if telling yourself you need to lose weight helps you stay motivated, then well... whatever works! But you look just fine.

And modest, too! I wanna say how I appreciate that whenever you post pictures, you look modest while not also looking like you're in a cult. ;) And like I was telling a good buddy of mine last night, modest hot is the hottest hot. :) So you just keep that up. And just from a guy's perspective, I'll tell ya that I'd imagine Josh appreciates it, too.