Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Will Always Love You

Josh, 11 years ago today we said "I love you" for the first time. In honor of this special occassion I was contemplating singing "I will always love you" Whitney Houston style to you at church tonight. However, I decided against it as you have done absolutely nothing in your life to deserve that kind of public humiliation and I do not want to interfere with Mr. Carl's testimony. Truly my singing could cause him to lose his religion or at least his ability to hear.

Instead I've decided I will just tell you what I loved about you and what I still love about you.


* I loved that you took math classes you didn't need so you could help me. (As if there is any
help for me in math.)

* I loved that you brought me strawberry creme Tastetations when I was sick.

* I loved that you covered my car in wildflowers while I was at work. (And that you paid for
them from the florist as we learned that it is illegal to pick flowers off of the side of Tyndall
Parkway. :)

* I loved that you and your friends used a boat battery to crank the Little Red Rocket when I
left the lights on all day for the 8 millionth time.

* I loved that you spent your lunches in a car full of girls listening to all of our issues and never


* I love that you put up with my neurotic need to change the radio station every 2 minutes and
you always let me listen to what I want to listen to.

* I love the sound of your voice especially when you say "Hey babydoll".

* I love that you support my dreams and encourage me to be my own person.

* I love that you always see the best in people and are infintely patient.

* I love that after 11 years you still say "I love you" the same way you did then!

For all of you blogging buddies out there I just wanted to let you know that this wonderful and handsome husband of mine has started his own blog at Josh, the Journey, and His Jesus. You should definitely check it out. In case you are wondering how such a silly goose as myself makes it in the real world you can read Josh's blog and see that he is the grown up who holds it together while I am off on world tours of the Florida panhandle or tanning on the trampoline. I think his words will teach and challenge you!


Lori said...

I have enjoyed the little I have read of Josh's blog so far. Glad he's joined our blogging world.

Sweet post! It sounds like he has always gone above and beyond for you - love hearing love stories like that!!

Anonymous said...

So sweet Emily! You are so blessed :)

Anonymous said...

I did read Josh's sermon on his blog, it was extremely enlightening and would so love to hear him preach in person....
You, Emily are a very lucky woman to have such a great man....not many in this world, but I do feel that some of us like: Kimberly, myself, you, your Mom and Mother-in-law have been some very lucky women....we are truly blessed....What a great tribute to your 11 year anniversary of the day "I Love You" was first spoken...Love you all, Ms. Cathy