Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two Weeks I'll Never Forget...If I Can Remember Them!

Well, we left for Panama City and it was June. We came back and it was July 7th! Where in the world does the time go? Since I don't have the greatest memory it is a good thing that I do have a million and a half pictures! I'm only sharing half a million with you. :)

After a week full of dance rehearsals and Vacation Bible School, my parents arrived for the much anticipated dance recital. They also came bearing gifts! My parents and brother gave Josh and I a new microwave for our anniversary and brought me an early birthday present...a new camera!!! I am just spoiled rotten!

Sarah did beautifully at her dance recital and made me so proud! She really is a natural, her dance teacher told me so. :) I quickly realized seeing all the faces of the other audience members that not too many other people share my love of dance recitals. Oh well, me and Sarah had fun!

Do you remember the blog when I mentioned how much I've missed the aqua net days of dance recitals? Kate decided to help me make the most of this time. When we got home from the recital I was "powdering my nose" in the bathroom when Kate decided she would try out her potty. She sat on it for a while. Then, she stood up and pooped on the floor. I really had forgotten how much fun potty training is. :) I went to get the wipes and when I came back she was standing on the toilet seat peeing ON TOP of the seat and spraying hair spray EVERYWHERE!! Fun times were had by all....

Sarah with her trophy.

I just had to share this picture. She insisted on sitting on the gas tank. I think that officially makes us country folks now. You might be a redneck....

We finished our VBS the day of the dance recital and had our parent's night the next day. I had sooo much fun teaching this year. The lessons about Peter were great and the kids were so attentive and asked the best questions. I know what Jesus was talking about when he talked about child like faith, because kids really get it!
After the service we had a eatin' time (of course!) complete with all the chips, dip, sweets, and homemade ice cream you could eat. It was fabulous! I've finally accepted that weight loss living in Montrose is a lost cause. If God blesses us with caramel pies and homemade ice cream, who am I to turn away those blessings? :)
Once everyone had left Josh and his friend Matt went to rewire the sound system. My mom and I decided to take the kids and Daisy for a walk. (Because Daisy needed a walk, not because I had the energy to go for a walk!) We got halfway down the road and we saw the neighborhood dogs coming. Daisy started growling and I started pulling her leash. Before I knew what had happened she had gotten out of her collar and was running down the road after a pack of 4 or 5 dogs who were all twice her size. I took off in my skirt and wedge heeled sandals for a half a mile jog after her. Man I'm out of shape!! I thought I was never going to catch her. I finally did and thankfully my dad had brought the car to drive us back home. It had been a long day before that ever happened! As we pulled up and Josh and Matt came out I looked in the side mirror and realized I had put Kate's headband on when we left for the walk so I wouldn't lose it. I was looking so cute! :)

We left the next morning for Panama City and for what I termed "Wedding Week!!" Josh and I immediately abandoned my parents to go on a date to celebrate our anniversary. Oh yea, did I mention that we had our 8th anniversary in the midst of all of this? We went to eat at Red Robin and I had the best Chicken Tortilla soup ever. Then we went to a movie. We are very predictable. It was so nice though. We realized that except for our vacation a few months ago, we had not been on a date since last summer!!!
Then on Tuesday the festivities started. Well, I think they did. I honestly cannot remember what in the world we did on Tuesday. Okay, so on to Wednesday. We were in Panama City for Josh's sister's wedding and Leah and Brad had planned a day for the families to all meet. We went for a day of swimming at Frank Brown Park. They had the best kiddie pool and we had so much fun! Kate LOVED the water and would probably still be there if I would let her.

This is us before we went into the park. This was as far as my camera went. It got NOWHERE NEAR the water or me in a bathing suit. :)

Friday night was the big rehearsal and the Fidler 5 came complete with matching outfits. I promise it is genetic. My mom ALWAYS dressed us in matching outfits for special occassions and I just can't help myself!
The rehearsal went great and then we had a great supper at Black Angus. I think my kids used 25 packets of sweet 'n low and sugar a piece, but they had the time of their life eating at a fancy restaurant.

I wasn't going to put this picture on here because I didn't want to cause any jealousy, but....ha! The day of the wedding we all went to "get our hair did" and Josh's Uncle Jimmy was there to take pictures. He laughed hysterically every time he looked at me, so I thought if nothing else maybe I could provide a good laugh for you!!!

I don't want to steal any of Leah's thunder by posting pictures of her, but I just HAD to put at least one so you could see the beautiful bride and her handsome groom. And us. :)
The wedding was perfect and I was so proud of Josh. It was his first wedding to officiate and he did awesome! I will admit that I was a nervous wreck the whole time. Before it started I was so scared I was going to trip going up the steps. (I've stepped on my dress in every wedding I've been in, including my own.) Once I made it up the steps I was relieved and then I started worrying that the kids would get scared and not do their part. But they did their parts great! Eli yawned through most of the ceremony and Leah said that when they were on the kneeling bench they could hear Eli saying "Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Can I sit down now?" Once we were all in place, it hit me. Josh is preaching! So, then I had to pray the whole time he wouldn't mess up somebody's name. He didn't. Finally, I made it DOWN the steps without tripping and all was well in the world. Sarah got chocolate all over her dress, but it was AFTER the wedding so it was all good! :)

The "King of the Rings" and the Flower Girl

Me and my sharp dressed man. :)

All I asked for was a family picture of us all dressed up. Eli was thrilled, can't you tell?

The day before the wedding my sister had called and said that she and her husband Dillon were coming to P.C. to have my nephew Luke's 1st birthday party at one of the parks on base. My heart was so full I thought it might burst!!! Anyone who has family in the military knows what a rare and special treat it is to see all of your family in one weekend. It is even harder with us being in ministry because we hardly ever get weekends off. Anyway, I was way excited!!

Luke had a blast with his cake. To start with he mostly just liked playing in it. Finally, he realized he could eat it too. I was very glad I was the aunt and not the mama! He was some kind of a mess!!

Here is me with my gorgeous sister Jenny and the birthday boy. I was trying to take off my sunglasses, not strike a pose!
It is amazing how much life can happen in two weeks!!! Dance recitals, VBS, weddings, anniversaries, and 1st birthdays. How exciting that we got to share them all with our friends and families! Now...back to potty training. :)


Lori said...

Wow, you looked beautiful at the wedding!! And forget about the losing weight - you look TINY in all those pictures:)

I for one am thrilled about the new camera if you're going to start posting all these pictures. You got some really GREAT family shots in there too!!

An exhausting but fun two weeks, it sounds like!

Karen said...

Man. I am exhausted and all I did was read about it. Love Eli's expression in the family photo. That photo of you and Josh (the one Leah termed "Prom 2009" is definately frameable. It is great!
And I agree with Lori - forget about weight- you look great.
Well, I'm off to rest now after those 2 weeks ;) Thanks for letting us be a part albeit virtually.

Emily :) said...

Thanks y'all! I am still recovering!!