Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sweet Sarah B.

Sarah, the new big sisterSleeping Sarah Beth

Happy Birthday to my sweet Sarah B.!! That stands for Sarah Beth, but she has recently informed me that she wants to be called Sarah Elizabeth. :)

This is the perfect picture of Sarah. Barefoot and laughing!!

Well, Sarah Elizabeth, life has not been the same since you graced our lives SEVEN years ago. How are you seven?!?! Time sure flies when you're having fun and that is for sure what you have brought to our lives. You are the most social person I have ever known and to beat out your daddy and your Aunt Jenny in that department takes a lot! You love people, plans and parties. I will never as long as I live forget the night you invited Mr. Matt and Mrs. Cortnee to our house for supper after church. I had no clue. Our living room was covered in laundry and I had a pot of leftover vegetable soup on the stove. Luckily the laundry was clean and we made a run to Subway. You have really challenged my hospitality skills and you definitely keep me on my toes!!!!!! :)

You have so many qualities that I admire. You are bold, outgoing, and a leader. When I read about pioneer girls I think of you. I can see you building cabins, milking cows, and feeding chickens all while looking stylish. You love the bling bling! You have always had your own sense of style and you love a pair of heels and a pretty dress like it is nobody's business. I love the way you love people. You have a compassion and thoughtfulness that is so beyond your years. I also can always count on you to say what you are thinking or wondering. I left you with a neighbor for 30 minutes and by the time I got back you had discussed with her if she and her daughters had been baptized!!!! I would give anything to have your boldness and your openess. You are fearless. You love roller coasters. You love dancing and going out to eat (the things you got from me :).

You were meant to be a big sister. From the moment we brought Eli home you have shown the perfect balance of nurturing, bossing and hovering that is necessary to be a big sister. (I speak from experience here.) You adore Eli and Kate and you are such a big helper to me. Eli and Kate want to be just like you!

This time last year you wanted to be a ballerina, cowgirl, and a soccer player. Now, you want to be a doctor, dentist or veterinarian. You've already informed me that I can keep your kids. :) Whatever you do, God will use you mightily because you love Him so much and you have determination unlike any other person I've ever known.

You have provided more memories in the last seven years than I could ever recount. I think of you every time I wash dishes with my Dawn soap. It is the only kind I will use now after learning that it is absolutely the only thing that will get vaseline out of hair. That is a piece of knowledge you helped enlighten me on. :)

I love you so much Sarah Elizabeth and the truth is that I just keep liking you better the older you get. You are so much fun and you challenge me to be stronger, bolder, and to have more fun. I hope your birthday party is everything you've been planning everyday since your party last year!! :)

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Beautiful Birthday Girl


Lori said...

She's got such a beautiful smile, she just lights up!! Happy Birthday Sarah Elizabeth (and for the record, I think all forms of her name are great:)!!

Anonymous said...

im not sure but she could have gotteb that sarah elizabeth thing from me because i mentioned that i watched a show called army wives & a couple on there had a baby named sarah elizabeth just like her! lol its nice either way! i know the feeling of a lifetime of memories in a short while! she is a wonderful girl! Robin Lowe

Emily :) said...

Thanks y'all! Robin, that is really funny about the tv show. Knowing my child there is no telling where she came up with that!