Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whatnot Wednesday: Trend Setter

* I have noticed a phenomenon at our post office. I'm calling it "The Influx". Twice this last week I've had to go there, and that is just an errand I dread. Mostly because I always seem to go there when I'm in a hurry and you really need to devote a good 10-12 hours for a post office run. Have y'all noticed that? I am not kidding, on Sat. morning I looked at the parking lot and there was NO ONE there. Not a soul. Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, as I pulled into my parking space, so did 3 other cars. AT THE EXACT SAME TIME! It looked choreographed, y'all. We all left a space in between us empty. Like guys do at the movie theater. It was crazy. It looked like a TV was on sale on Black Friday the way we all jumped out and ran toward the door.

* I spent my Labor Day very productively. I split my time between watching a marathon of "Barbecue Pitmasters" and a marathon telling of the history of Hollywood moguls. Fascinating. I'm still craving barbecue and wanting to watch "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"

* I got a nap on Sunday afternoon which was fabulous, except Josh let me sleep until 5 minutes before church started. I literally jumped out of bed and ran to church in the rain. I gave a whole new meaning to "hot mess". 

* I made pork chops, roasted potatoes, ceasar salad, and Sister Schubert rolls for supper last night. As we ate I informed my family it would be the only meal I was cooking all week so they better enjoy it. I know, I am wife and mother of the year. In my defense, last night truly was the only night this week we don't have somewhere else to be and this Sunday at church we are have homecoming so I will be cooking enough this weekend to make up for the whole week. :)

* Speaking of all of that food, I am miserable. I have been off of my healthy eating plan for almost 3 months now and I can tell. I thought if I was really good for a few months and got myself balanced I could add stuff back into my diet, but apparently I cannot. Please pray for me. I really like to eat.

*  Since I am not feeling so great, Josh let me sleep in this morning and got the kids ready for school. Kate took advantage of that by playing hookie today. How do they learn so fast????

* It is starting to feel like fall and I am sooooo thrilled! My most favorite part of fall is checking out the fall fashion trends (because I am so fashionable and trendy) and this year I was shocked to find that I am already wearing these trends!

I am especially excited by this first trend. Smudged eyeliner. Seriously, I've been waiting my whole make-up wearing life for this trend! No matter what brand I use, my eyeliner ALWAYS smudges on me. Always. It's about time that came into style.....
Pics courtesy of

This next look they call "bold brows".  Read:  I don't have to pluck  my big, bushy eyebrows on a daily basis. Woo-hoo!

Finally, not only have I been wearing this next trend, but I have been sharing it with the next generation. I present to you......the messy bun.

This is how my hair looks 99.875% of my life.The other percentage is when I teach ballet and it actually has to be in a nice, neat bun. But never fear, on those days my ballet girls usually come straight from school and I end up fixing their buns and this is what they look like! Bun making is not my gift. I always warn people when Sarah gets ready to do turns because it is like a bobby pin grenade going off in the room once she starts spinning. Bobby pins and hair flying everywhere!  It's just so exciting to be so stylish and such a trend-setter. :)

* What are your favorite fall trends? Please share! 


Lori said...

Surely your favorite thing about fall is FOOTBALL, Emily - SURELY!! Your Labor Day sounds fantastic to me! You're seriously one of the stylish people I know so I wasn't surprised you've been setting the trends well ahead of time:)

Karen said...

Ooo - I want a movie weekend - old movies(you still haven't seen Vertigo - and I don't even remember it now - except the ending) and I'm lovin' the bold brows trend b/c I HATE that part of my morning routine (and usually don't have time anyway)In addition to fall fashion, I am looking foward to fall meal planning - soups, stews, crockpot stuff - it's so much easier and somehow feels healthy to me! :)