Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm Lovin' It!

So, this last week has been kind of a bummer. I haven't felt all that great and have been dragging big time. I always get a little down when I don't feel like I can keep up with the crazy pace of life. This happens periodically for me, and in the past I have been very guilty of giving into the blues and going straight to the dumps. I've had some moments, but I just finished Warren Wiersbe's, "Be Joyful" study on Philippians and I have tried to take this as a test at how well I absorbed the lessons of that study. The overall idea is learning how to not allow people, things or circumstances steal your joy. It was such a great study. Anyway, I'm trying to get back in the game, and speaking of the game, I do realize how pointless it is to post a blog during Saturday night college football. However, I just got my turn with the laptop and I'm pretty sure it was Josh's way of occupying me so that I don't ask things like, "Do you like my new nail polish?" during the most important game of the year. And speaking of nail polish, since I haven't actually done anything noteworthy in the last week, I thought I would share a random list of things I'm loving right now. Here goes.

* First, I love this new nail polish line by CVS called Confetti. All of the polishes are like, a $1.99 and tonight I found my favorite color, "Dressed to the 9's". 

* I cannot wait to see how this new nail polish goes with these new lyrical shoes I just ordered. I am teaching a lyrical class this year and it is my FAVORITE. Lyrical is my thang. Hip Hop: not my thang. Lyrical: totally my thang.
Aren't they purty? I mean seriously, how many people get to buy shoes for work that have butterflies and bling bling? P.S. Those are not my feet. I'll spare you that shot.

* One more thing with feet. I also just got Heel Tastic for my achy, breaky feet and it is awesome! Y'all know I'm a sucker for As Seen on TV stuff, but I think this is actually gonna work.

* I am attempting to get back on the wagon with my diet. I don't know that I will be able to totally give up caffeine again, but I am trying to really cut back. I discovered Honest Tea the last time when I was being really super good and fell in love with the Black Forest Berry and the fact that it comes in glass bottles I can save and reuse. The Pig stopped carrying it not long after I discovered it (boo), but recently they started carrying it again. Yay! It doesn't taste anything like the sweet tea I make, but it just has a really refreshing taste.

* I'm lovin' that Kate has started singing "Ipsy Dipsy Spider" and that tonight she said she wanted Jesus in her heart. I REALLY loved hearing all 3 of my babies singing "Jesus Loves Me" in the playroom last night.

* I love giraffes and today I got to feed one.

* I love that my girls FINALLY cleaned their bedroom. I did the ugly cry in a happy way and told Sarah how proud I am of her.Y'all just don't know what that room looked like. It left me in sobbing fits for days declaring how I have failed as a mother and thanking God that my daughters are pretty since they would obviously never get a husband based on their domestic skills. Anyway, I am seriously loving that it is clean!

* I loved reading Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy and am so thankful you can download it on Kindle for $9.99. I've had an infatuation with Jacqueline Kennedy since 3rd grade when I read a biography about her, Some of this was hard for me to follow because I don't know my people in history very well, but it sparked my interest and made me want to learn more about that time in history and even led to me watching a documentary on the Cuban missile crisis. My Dad would be so proud. :)  

* I love that God is answering prayers and working in people's lives in ways that make me say, "Yep, that can only be God."

* I loved this post by my friend, Lori, and feel overwhelmed with a need to be a more faithful prayer warrior. I'll start by saying this prayer for you, one that I love from Philippians:
9 And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment, 10 that you may approve the things that are excellent, that you may be sincere and without offense till the day of Christ, 11 being filled with the fruits of righteousness which are by Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.
                                                                          Philippians 1:9-10

What did you love this week?


Lori said...

I loved this post! I also am in total LOVE with your shoes!! Can I take your lyrical class just to get the shoes?? They are seriously fantastic! I love that Davidson is challenging people to pray and love others more (he's sure challenging me) all the way from Haiti. And I love that Alabama won and Auburn lost yesterday!! Tell Josh the Seminoles played a great game and I was pulling for them :(

You notice I didn't get to read this until now. Nope, no blogging on football Saturday:)

Lauran said...

I loved this post too! Happiness is contagious so I love hearing about all the happy good stuff happening in your life right now!

Saturday was 'talk about nail polish during the game' day at our house TOO!!!! That must be a Strickland Girl trait! :) I'll have to check out the new line at CVS. I just got Revlon's 'Gray Suede' and I'm loving it so far.

About the diet... I feel ya Sister. This gallbladder diet is whoopin' my pregnant tail. The UPSIDE is, I've got LOTS of healthy dinners planned this week and plan to post recipes with pics if you need healthy, budget friendly, QUICK&EASY supper ideas!

Karen said...

Very cool shoes! and I need to check out the confetti line at CVS, I'm lovin' rainy days, the library, and hot tea :)
I am NOT loving the fact that I will miss the Castle premire tonight b/c I have to work, but I am loving a new job.
And I totally feel ya with the diet - I have got to do better - GOT to. Anway, this was fun - have a great day! :)

Melody said...

Lovin' those lyrical shoe things!!! At first I thought you got tattoos on your feet and thought I might need to separate from you but then I remembered I just got my first tattoo last week and that those were shoes instead. Way cool!

Emily :) said...

Oh no Melody, they do look like tattoos, huh? Can't you just hear it? The preacher's wife teaches dance AND she has tattoos on her feet!!!!

Lauran, I love that nail polish shade. I'll have to try it out! And I will definitely have to check out the healthy meals!

Karen, I'm so glad you are loving your new job! I promise not to spoil Castle for you before you've seen it!

Lori, I would LOVE for you to take my lyrical class. How fun would that be????

Patty Jo said...

I am in love with those Lyrical Shoes!! I need them for Taekwondo! LOL Everyone will love my feet! ha