Thursday, March 10, 2011

Status Update

I intentionally try really hard not to use FB or my blog to vent. For several reasons. Like that it is not very spiritually edifying or the fact that most people could care less. Really, that reality is not lost on me. So, I have spared the FB and blogging world an indepth look at my life this last week. The thing is, it's so hard to just pick back up, y'know? So, for any person who might be interested in what my week in FB statuses would have looked like had I honestly shared "What's on my mind", here goes:

*Why do kids only puke at midnight when it is too dark to see what you're stepping in?

*Cramps. Ugh!!!!

*I have more laundry than brain cells at this point.

*Everything I own has been peed on, puked on and pooped on.

*If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

*Day 4 without caffeine and I think I will be making a video with Charlie Sheen soon.

*I just slipped in an unidentified liquid on the bathroom floor. Seriously. I did. Right in the middle of writing this.

*All I want for Chrstmas is bleach.

*Is it too much to ask that a 24 hour bug hit everybody in my house in the SAME 24 hours rather than blessing us with a week of it's presence?

Okay, that is enough. Do you see what you missed out on? Do you feel caught up on my life? Yeah, sometimes it's better just not to know......


Lori said...

I was wondering just yesterday where you were, but now I see.... :( I hope it's GONE!

Anonymous said...

My glad it did not spread over a four or five day yes, maybe it is better for all of it to be gone during the 24hr time fame....Hope you have a blessed weekend.

love ya,
Mrs. Poland

Lauran said...

Yikes! (dislike) since we're talking facebook terms.. ;) Bless your heart Emily. I'm glad you are all getting better. *hug & prayers* to y'all. Love, L

Karen said...

So, so sorry :( Hope everyone is now on the mend and praying next week is a better one!

Kristy said...

Thanks for *not* venting! ;) LOL Just teasing you a little - sometimes you have to just get it all out plus I like how with just those few sentences you gave everyone a summary of your week. Hope you are all feeling better now!

Cathy said...

Well, now the way you put those things was very funny. Andy and I laughed...I am so sorry, I know it has been NO laughing matter, hope all is better now...FYI---I love your blogs--you have a way of taking the day to day experiences and incorporate scripture to fit it. They are very encouraging to writing really don't know that many of your blogs I have drawn MUCH strength from...You have a gift from God in writing---and so many other things as well....Miss & love you, my friend.
Ms. Cathy