Saturday, March 12, 2011

Set Sail

As I look back over my last several posts I realize I might need to rename this, "Speaking the Truth in Whining and Pessimism". I apologize if I have been a bit negative. These last couple of months have been a little challenging for me, but today was a GREAT day! I don't have an ounce of energy left, but I really wanted to document what a fantastic day we had.

Today officially started Spring Break and my kids decided that break does not equal sleeping in, Spring Break=Wii time and triple berry pancakes. So, up we were, and somehow I found a burst of enery and motivation that has been severely lacking in this whirlwind of germs and Basketball Wives. (Have y'all ever watched that? I feel ashamed admitting I did. It was a marathon. I was sick.) Anyway, I was already in my 5 year old, stretched out from pregnancy, Christmas pajama pants and a white t-shirt so I decided it was bleach day. I cleaned out our bathrooms. I mean CLEANED  them out. Would you believe I have 4 blow dryers? I don't even blow dry my hair, y'all. I was feeling guilty but realized that Josh also had 4 pairs of hair clippers. We will now be accepting applications for hairstylist for our salon. Please send your resumes ASAP. :) I got both bathrooms and the kitchen and dining room totally cleaned and it felt so good! The kids cleaned the playroom and the girl's room all by themselves. There is no telling what is under the beds, but I was too happy today to care.

I still have 80 trillion loads of laundry to do, but as I was standing in the mountain of laundry in the laundry room Sarah said, "I thought Spring Break was supposed to be when we all do fun stuff together."  I started to ask, "What? This ain't fun?" But, all of a sudden the joy of Spring took over and I decided we did need to do something fun.  So, we finished our chores and headed out to check out the PeaceMaker, a huge sailboat that docked in our port and was giving free tours. I kept telling the kids it was a surprise and I've decided I need to stop doing that. It drives them crazy and me too as they guess for a full 4 hours what the surprise is. The good news is they were excited and had lots of fun checking out the beautiful boat.

We attempted a family pic using the timer on my camera, which my friend Lori taught me to use on our girl's weekend. Well, this is what we got-LOL!

Finally a man asked if we would like him to take one, but we forgot the timer was still on so when he pushed the button it started making the spaz out beeping noise and we could never figure out when it was going to go off! I think I liked the pic of the feet better!
It was just a really fun day! I have to say that my heart and mind have already been wandering as Josh and I are planning to take a cruise for our anniversary this year. There are no words to express our excitement. One of my biggest concerns (of course) has been clothes. You have to have the right clothes for a cruise, right? I've been so worried because most clothes I think of for cruises are not exactly modest or preacher wife like. Well, wouldn't you know it, I was researching styles for this summer and looky what I found!

If that doesn't scream PREACHER'S WIFE ON A CRUISE!!!, I don't know what does. I feel so much better now. :)


Lori said...

A CRUISE??? That is SOOOO exciting!! I'm so pumped for you guys! And it looks like a really fun day. Don't worry - next lesson will be on setting your camera up for self-portraits:)

Melody said...

haaa! Preacher's wife on a cruise piture cracked me it!

Karen said...

Ohmigosh you sooo have to get that outfit. :D Too funny! Glad to see everyone feeling better and having fun! HOpe Spring Break is wonderful! Talk to you soon! ((hugs))

Amber said...

Hey if you want you can send a pair of those clippers this way, we are in the market and I could attempt to cut hair but make no promises =) Looks like alot of fun!!!

Kristy said...

Love the cruise outfit! LOL If you took an Alaskan cruise you wouldn't have to stress over clothes so much... :)