Monday, February 15, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time there was a little boy and a little girl who both just happened to be in Ms. Barfield's 5th grade class at Parker Elementary. Although, they never spoke to each other (because, let's face it, boys have cooties in 5th grade) the little boy fell in love with the little girl. (At least he still sticks to that story.)

The next year the girl moved away and the little boy started middle school. Their paths would cross again, though briefly when the little girl moved back and they went to the same school for 3 months. Then the little girl moved to another school again. Seemed God had plans for her to get used to moving a lot. :) They still never spoke.

They would once again share a classroom, although now they were a big boy and a big girl. 10th graders to be exact. They sat two people away from each other in history and then again in chemistry. The only time they talked in that class was when the girl was incapable of drawing a straight line and the boy had to do it for her. The girl was in the process of being hurt by another boy and on the verge of swearing off guys forever and becoming the first ever Baptist Nun.
Finally, in 11th grade the two would finally speak. In a McDonald's after a football game. The girl had always known all good things come from McDonald's. :) The next day at school the boys friend spilled the beans that he had a crush and the girl asked the boy to be her escort for an event called Azalea Trail. This is an event the boy now describes as "the time when girls wear big dresses and stand in front of big, fancy houses no one can afford and wave at people".

It was history in the making although they did not know it at the time. Really, who wouldn't fall in love in those clothes? :)

The boy and girl were just "friends" for quite a while until the girl's 18th birthday when the boy took her for a walk on the beach. And they walked, and walked, and walked. Then the boy asked her out in his car. :) The day ended with a surprise birthday party for the girl that was so surprising that the girl had on no make-up and horrible hair and lots of pictures to prove it. :)

The boy and girl would spend every possible moment together their senior year of high school and wear lots of fancy clothes.

After graduation the girl would go to college 5 hours away from the boy and they would spend enough money on phone cards that they could have built a brand new home. Then, they would attend their friend's Mark and Kim's wedding and decide it was so fun that they wanted one too. :)

They had a beautiful wedding and really liked the kissing part. :)
Just this last year the boy and girl went to their 10 year high school reunion and the girl decided the boy is still her favorite classmate of all time.

Joshua Stuart Fidler, I just can't remember life before you. The truth is I don't want to. We've been blessed beyond measure with so many wonderful friends, amazing family, and awesome opportunities to serve the God we love. We have 3 little people who call us Mommy and Daddy and one of those little people is only 3 grades away from the age we were when we met! I can't say that after our wedding we lived happily ever after fairy tale style, but I can say we've lived happily ever after Fidler style! Sometimes I wish so much that I could go back and be the mysterious, sweet, SKINNY girl that you fell in love with. But, over the years you've seen me 8 shades of hormonal and 30 pounds overweight. I know there isn't an ounce of mystery left in me, but lately I have come to appreciate that you do know so much about me AND YOU LOVE ME ANYWAY! Like the other night when you genuinely looked me in the eye and told me you had waited all day to see me. And there I sat, in an oversized sweatshirt, yoga pants and no make-up. But you didn't even act the least bit disappointed. I am thankful for the freedom to be me. I am thankful that you can read my mind (sometimes!) and that you never act the least bit bored with me, even though I am terribly boring. I share this on here instead of in a private card, one because they do not make cards big enough for my ramblings :) and 2. because I know so many girls who have given up on guys and love or are on the verge of it. I want them to know that God still writes good love stories, even if they don't play out like a Hollywood script.
The other day you were telling a story about going on one of those rides that flips you upside down over and over again and how your Dad made you get out so you wouldn't get sick. Our life together has been a lot like one of those rides. There have been times life has flipped us on our heads or made us so sick we couldn't see straight. There have been times I'm sure one of us, if not both have cried out "PLEASE, MAKE IT STOP!!" But for the most part, we've just been along for the ride and have loved the exhiliration of it all. Much like those little 5th graders would have said, I say "Let's do it agian!" 11 Valentine's Days together and I would still pick you to go on this ride with. I love you Scooter Fidler!!!


The Poyers said...

ok I am inspired now... Im going to write our love story down though it will be nowhere near as amazing as yours I should get it in writing somewhere... Thanks for sharing.. so glad to have known you guys for so long your love is an inspiration to us all!

Lori said...

This is great!!

Sarah said...

such a beautiful story love it

Karen said...

Love it!

III said...

Very sweet

Amber Gregory said...

I loved reading you alls love story and loved how you wrote it out! You have such a wonderful family, and it is so awesome to see the wonderful love story God gave to you two :)