Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Case You Haven't Heard, The Saints Won the Superbowl :)

This last weekend I experienced the first SuperBowl game I ever actually cared about. I mean other than half-time. The Saints, whom my Dad had been THE most loyal fan of since the 60's made it to the Super Bowl! So, we had a party... I paid $16.00 for those Saints cups and drove over an hour to pick them up at a downtown shop that caused me to parallel park in a minivan, thus causing my husband and two random guys in a pick-up to laugh at me. And oh yeah, they weren't in yet. Thankfully one of our friends who works with Josh actually lives where the store is at and was able to pick them up and bring them to Josh's office. I don't do a dern thing without drama y'all. Not a thing...
No party is complete without crowns. You didn't know this? According to my seven year old event planner, even Super Bowl Parties MUST have crowns.

This is my nephew Luke. He is the cutest kid to come along since my 3 and the happiest kid I've ever known. He had tons of fun running around shouting "TOUCHDOWN!!!" all night. According to him the Saints were up by about 36 touchdowns in the 3rd quarter. :)

I've never been much of a football fan and I realized this last weekend that it is a good thing. I am OBNOXIOUS!!! I took a picture of the TV y'all!!! But look, it was the most awesome play of the whole night and I caught it!!! I for real jumped up and started screaming WHO DAT!! WHO DAT!! I scared my children, but they will recover after some therapy... I didn't actually see most of the game as I spent the majority of my time eating, taking pictures, eating, and going to the kitchen to get more food. (I did so good the whole weekend, but I BLEW IT on Sunday. I acted like I had just gotten home from the LOST island and hadn't eaten for about 8 weeks.) Anyway, I think the boys were glad I didn't actually pay attention much because when I did I was screaming that the players had "fouled" each other or asking if they were dribbling. I think they appreciated the chips and dip that kept my mouth occupied most of the night. :)

Kate and Luke enjoyed the refreshments too. They are so funny. Anytime we've been together these last few times they get their sippy cups, stand in the middle of the room and have a chug off. CRACKS ME UP!!!! I think Kate won this one.

Here is my beautiful Mama. She is wearing a shirt that my super sweet cousin, Sara, sent her from Natchez, MS. My sister and I knew it was coming but she didn't. She asked me to get her a shirt so I had to play along and get her one!

My event planner Sarah. In addition to crowns, she made signs.

That girl can sure eat some chicken wings!!! Seems party planning works up an appetite!

Here I am with my brother Philip and sister Jenny. Aren't they gorgeous? I always tell people I got the brains. :)

We had lots of fun. It was also a bittersweet night as my Daddy was VERY missed. I take so much comfort knowing he is with the REAL saints!!

Before I go I also wanted to let you know I got a much needed haircut while we were there.


What do you think?? :)


Lori said...

The trick is acting like a nut during football games while your child is a baby!! Then, they don't get scared but are appalled by people who DON'T throw tantrums at the tv:)

LOVE that you all were so into the game. Sounds like Gameday at our house!!

Geaux Saints!! WHO DAT? :)

Melody said...

Emily....will you email me...I can't find my email address for you and the one on your profile goes through outlook and my computer won't let me get through for some reason. I wanted to ask you or you may have my other one from previous conversations...don't want to leave last name here.
BTW: I personally liked the white girl fro better. HA! I'm kidding.