Sunday, February 28, 2010


I think I have officially lost all useful, thoughtful, sense-making thoughts. See what I mean? What the heck does that mean? I am so tired, but it's been a crazy busy day and it takes me forever to wind down. So I'm blessing you with this post. :) It will have no flow or point. Just my thoughts I've been thinking. This could get scary....

*Have you ever had one of those days where everything you see or hear makes a song get stuck in your head? It started for me when I was changing clothes after church. I looked at myself in the mirror after I changed and realized I look like Elvira. I dyed (I mean colored. Sorry Leah :) my hair and it is REALLY black. It matches my eyebrows so I think it's actually the color it was before I started coloring it. But the way I wore my hair today totally made me look like Elvira. All I needed was a bump-it. And so you know where this is going. That caused me to go around singing "Elvira. Oom bopa oom bop." Then, I somehow ended up with Twist and Shout. Oh no. That was before church when I was getting Kate ready. She had a face full of mascara that I was trying to clean off of her face and for some reason singing "Twist and Shout" to her got her to stand still. Go figure. Anyway, by the time I got to Wal-Mart to get my food for the dinner at church tonight I was singing "The Electric Slide". I have no idea where that one came from.

*Josh twisted his ankle yesterday and I think he did it just to get out of packing. (JUST KIDDING!!) Then we had several other church members with health issues and I was starting to think I was gonna have to set up a first aid station in the sanctuary during Sunday School. I think everybody is on the mend now. But Josh was talking about our music minister being out this morning and Sarah suggested I lead the music. BAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! First, I don't sing. I mean, I can, but I'm pretty sure only the neighborhood dogs appreciate it. Second, could you imagine me leading music today? "Please stand. We will be singing "Elvira" followed by the chorus of "Twist and Shout".

*I haven't shredded in 11 days and last night I got bbq from Cook's and ate the sampler plate. I'm talking eating ribs and licking my fingers. Tonight I had 4 desserts. I actually lost 3 pounds, but I'm pretty sure the peanut butter pie helped me find them again...I'm just confessing. Jillian is not going to be happy with me....Or maybe I should say my body is not going to be happy when we meet again....

*I spent all day Saturday washing clothes and packing them in tupperware containers. My kids spent all Saturday night and today taking them out....

*Tonight at church we had a concert with a bluegrass/gospel group. Can I have another confession. I am not exactly a huge fan of that style of music. Okay the truth is that at times I would prefer to be hit in the head with a skillet than listen to it. Again, I am the worst preacher's wife ever. Well, tonight as I came out of the bathroom after discipleship training I heard a banjo playing. moved me. I went skipping down the hall pretending to fiddle (b/c I am a Fidler, y'know? :) only to skip right past the banjo player who I'm sure became instantly concerned about the state of the church he was in with grown women skipping in the halls. I was then joined by two of our ladies who danced with me. One of the ladies is getting ready to go on a cruise and it just didn't take much to make her happy today. The other is my friend Cortnee and she is as big a goofball as me. We decided they should take us on the road as their dancing girls. All gospel groups have dancing girls, right? BTW, the banjo playing instantly brought Dolly Parton's "He's Gonna Marry Me" into my head where it is still playing. What a day in music it has been for me.

*Speaking of this group, I was shocked by how young they were. I was really expecting older men. Is that profiling? Well, anyway, I couldn't believe it when the singer came out and I decided he is supposed to marry someone I know. I will shield the person's identity because I value our friendship and my life and I really hardly ever attempt to play matchmaker, but you know how you just have in your mind how people look? Well, he looks exactly like what I think this person's guy is supposed to look like. You know what I mean? As soon as Josh introduced them and came to sit down with me I leaned over and whispered, "Is he single? How old is he?" Josh, of course, laughed at me and rolled his eyes. He is no help in my matchmaking quest. Every semester that he goes to school I immediately quiz him when he gets home: "Are there any single guys? Are they cute?" He will always tell me if there are single guys, but he will never tell me if they are good looking. He is :) I kept telling Josh to go ask him if he has a girlfriend after the concert but he would not cooperate. I was too busy dumping plates of food all over the floor to converse with the musicians. Yes, I really did dump two plates. I'm so talented that I dumped one of them WHILE I was cleaning the other up. I'm special. :)

*I think I should add that I totally enjoyed the concert. It's a good thing too (since I will practically be related to this group when my friend marries into it :) because I told Josh we should get a CD for our music minister who was still sick and my friend, of course, so she can hear her future husband. Well, somehow Josh ended up buying SIX CD's. Guess you all know what you're getting for Christmas.... :)

*It totally just hit me that it must be a sign that I got "He's Gonna Marry Me" stuck in my head when I heard the banjo. Except not that he's gonna marry me, but my friend. Y'know? That has totally got to be it. (Or I've just watched Sweet Home Alabama waaayyy too much.)

*Okay, these were my unfiltered, weekend thoughts. Scary, huh? This is your preacher's wife on peanut butter pie. Hope you have a great week!!


Sarah said...

even your random thoughts have order. loved it. Now I have Elvira stuck in my head, the square dance version is the only one I know.

Karen said...

I have this random picture in my head of the preacher's WIFE sitting next to her HUSBAND in church pointing to guys on the stage saying "is he single?"

lol :)

Sara said...

Love this! Thanks to the Olympics, I've spent the past several days going around singing, "Oh, Canada". Perfect for a Midwestern girl in Missouri!

P.S. Jillian doesn't have a toddler. Sometimes the peanut butter pie is the only thing that gets me through the day!!