Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Box Runneth Over

Over the last couple of months I've talked a lot about the heartaches, frustrations and stress in my life. I hope it hasn't been too discouraging. I just thought that I should also tell you about today, which for me, was such a great day. Actually, the last week has been a special time for me.

Saturday Karen and I spent the whole day eating, talking and cruising through our old stompin' ground at William Carey. Sunday was a sad day as Josh turned in his resignation, but it was also a happy time as we celebrated a new baby on the way for one of our church members. Monday was Sarah's last dance class. Josh kept Kate and Eli while I took her and since it is such a drive I used the class time to run some errands. I even got to go to the libraray by myself and actually READ what the books I was checking out were about. :) When I got in the jeep I realized there was a week's worth of mail in the passenger's seat. (Josh always picks it up on his way to work and then I hope to find it sometime later.) There was a card for me from a sweet friend. Then, I went to pick my baby girl up from dance and watched her have a blast being the "teacher's helper". Her dance teacher, Mrs. Dana, is so awesome and has been so good for Sarah. At one point I had a group of girls surround me and want to know why Sarah has to move. One even suggested that me and the kids stay here and just visit Josh on the weekends. :) It was another bittersweet time, but I am thankful for the experiences and friends Sarah had there.

Well, today has been an especially happy day. My friend, Amy, invited us to go bowling with a homeschool group she belongs to and we had such a blast. I think Sarah and Eli both have a future in professional bowling, I really do. Kate had fun too. I'm glad she is young enough to still think that arcade games are fun without putting any money in. :) It was fun to hang out with other moms who homeschool and to spend some time with Amy. Her husband had classes with Josh and we have only ever been together 3 times, but she is one of those people who I instantly felt like I had known my whole life. Me and my crew always have so much fun with she and her girls.

It was a beautiful day and we got home in time for Kate to take a nap and the big kids to play outside. Woo-hoo! I thought it couldn't get any better and then...I got a surprise.

This arrived on my doorstep...
I couldn't believe it. I immediately noticed the return address belonged to Lori Foreman. Do you know how I met Lori? Well, I haven't actually! Not in real life anyway. She is a childhood friend of Karen's and we met through this crazy fun world of blogging. I've felt like I've known her for years through Karen, and now through blogging I know we would be the best of friends if we got to spend any time together. Lori actually graduated with her masters in social work the same day I got my bachelor's degree. We walked across the same stage and both had Karen there cheering us on! Anyway, back to the box. There was a very sweet card telling me that she knows how hard the last year has been for me and that she wanted to bless me with some of her favorite things. How fun!

First, she even sent treats for the kids and they were SOOO excited!

The box was FULL of so many fun goodies. A bag of Starbuck's coffee, a CD of hymns, 2 DVD's (one was The Office and I am so excited! We don't have ANY TV channels so we survive on TV shows on DVD), a great water bottle for when I'm exercising :), a delicious smellilng candle, orange tic tacs, some really cute measuring spoons, a reusable shopping bag for Target (!), a totally cool little gadget that is full of scripture I can tote in my purse, some coasters for the cupholders in the jeep, a gift card to McDonald's, and the book Crazy Love which I've really been wanting to read. She also included some of her favorite recipes and the most treasured thing, a prayer she wrote just for me.
Here I am with all of my loot. :)

I just can't explain how much I have felt ministered to through the wonderful friends God has given me. I am overwhelmed by how sweet He has been to me to bless me with such wonderful people in my life. I know I haven't done a thing to deserve any of them just like I don't deserve anything else He has given me. I just praise Him!
Can I have a moment of confession? One of my biggest struggles in ministry has been that sometimes I don't feel like a person. Not that anybody makes me feel that way, but just that I should always be strong, always have it together, always be there for everybody else. The day that we went to Highland View for Josh to preach at the new church we will be at we drove through Mexico Beach. My family has spent many summer days there and as I gazed out at the beautiful water I could almost see my Dad coming onto the shore after riding the waves, the way we did so many times when I was little. I started crying. It was hard to think that I could possibly live so close to that beach and not get to spend summer days with my Daddy. That morning, I knew that Psalm 34:18 is true when it says, "The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart". I felt just like He put His arm around me and whispered, "I still care about you Emily."
I just want to say that He has materialized much of that caring through the amazing people He has placed in my life who have shown me so much love and care. It may just be a card, a call, a prayer, or a box to you, but to me it is the arms of the Father hugging me. Thank you!


Kammy said...

I love you! I love you! I love you! Do you know that I called Indya on the way to an interview just to make sure she reads your blogs? You give me hope that maybe someday I'll be a good mom. I got the wife part down, but the kids are a battle. lol. I am not saying that you have to be perfect because I put you on a pedestal. Through your admittance to faults you help others grow as well. We see you as perfect, yet you are so humble that when I am about to blow a fuse at the 11yo procrastinating on homework, I think to myself, "How would Emily handly this?" You are a Godly role-model in all aspects. Do not ever doubt anyone's love for you. And if you do happen to come across a mean bully, let me know. I'm only a days drive away. HAHHA. (Btw you would have never said that.) =)

Amber Gregory said...

Emily I think it is so awesome that God is putting some awesome people who care about you to encourage and love you :)
You will have to let me know how that book is because I have been dying to read it :)

Karen said...

God is so amazing. He knows just what we need. Broken phone or not, I'm calling you later. :)

secondhalfcentury said...

Emily - You are such an inspiration to me! I love you girl. Crazy Love book is excellent, I haven't read it, but Jerry is almost finished and has shared some information with me. It is next on my list after Beth's new one...maybe you should start a book club :-) group!

Cindi Dailey said...

Awesome! Starbucks coffee...mmm...can I be your friend??? :) Seriously, can't wait for you guys to move back here!

Lori said...

You made that stuff look good:) I'm glad the book is getting good reviews here b/c I didn't even read the jacket. The kids are so adorable. Thank you so much for such a sweet post. I'm thrilled that you've had so many people loving on you in sweet ways right now!