Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thank God for Little Boys

I've heard that March is the month of madness, but I must say in our house, May seems to bring the madness. Today I enjoyed lunch and a Wal-Mart trip with my friend Karen as I prepared for the insanity that is to become our lives for the next week. Tonight we had tball pictures at 6:00 and a concert at the church at 7:00. Tommorrow night is a tball game and Saturday is Eli's birthday party. (Yes, we are just now having it. Don't worry, regardless of the outcome I plan to have pictures of the cake.:) Sunday is homecoming at the Methodist church so I will be cooking for the lunch there and then Sunday night we start our revival and we will be hosting our evangelist and his family in our home Sunday night. So....I'm going to be spending a lot of time cleaning and cooking the next few days!! Then we will have revival every night next week. I'm really looking forward to it as one of Josh's friends from school is preaching it. I got to hear him when I went to school with Josh and I'm anxious to hear him again. I guess I tell you all of that to say...please pray for me! I may be running in circles for a few days!

I also wanted to tell you about tball pictures. I am telling you, those kids just crack me up. By the time I got home from the store and served supper we were running a little late. (Imagine that. :) We all ran around like crazy getting ready. I had laid Eli's uniform out earlier so it would be ready to go. He got dressed while I pinned Kate down and got her dressed. We realized we couldn't find Eli's hat so I grabbed an extra adult hat we have. Then halfway there I looked back at him and realized there was something all over the front of his shirt. I was so confused. I hadn't remembered washing it, but after 80 loads you start to forget what all you have washed. It had been folded up in his drawer. Then it hit me. He had put his dirty uniform in his drawer! You really have to be careful when you tell your kids to clean up their rooms! So...on picture night my child had on a dirty uniform and a hat that was too big! Not too long after we got there another mom showed up lamenting the fact that she had thought red snow cones would be a good idea on the way. Her little boy was covered in red. I was sharing our story and the assistant coach laughed and said they didn't have time to dry their son's uniform so he was wearing a wet uniform and he had also misplaced his hat and was wearing an adult one! Somebody said, "They're boys, they aren't supposed to be clean." I gotta say those little fellas were pretty cute no matter what. Dirty uniforms, big hats, snowcones and all!

Thank God for little boys!!!

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Karen said...

Awww...I bet the pictures turned out great - oversized hats and all! Lunch was fun - thanks. I will be praying as yall enter the craziness that is summer. (BTW - Dad gave your book to Bro. Evans, he said he would read it and get back with us... :) )