Sunday, June 10, 2012

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

I just don't think there is anything better than a rainy day with nothing on the agenda but reading fun books and watching movies. Hanging out in yoga pants and eating a picnic in the living room. That's what we did yesterday, and it was so fabulous. 

Of course, there are times I don't like rainy days. That would be anytime I have to actually go outside on one. I tell ya, my hair was not created for the level of humidity that comes with summer rain. Mostly I don't like those days because I spend most of it thinking how I am wasting a perfectly good napping and movie watching day having to be productive. Sad story, right? :)

Well, last Thursday was one of those rainy days I was out and about. Not only was it raining in Northwest Florida, but it felt like it was raining a little in my heart, too. I taught Tiny Tot dance camp in the mornings last week and pre-school VBS at night and I had the best time. But in the midst of those sunny spots, I was dealing with some tough personal things and by Thursday exhaustion had set in and that is never a good thing. I'm a lot like the 4 year olds I was teaching in that I am prone to some afternoon meltdowns when I am tired. So, basically I was tired and grumpy and running yet another errand. I had just dropped  the kids off at the house so I at least had the advantage of being able to think straight for a few minutes. I was not so kindly letting God know how I felt about some health issues I've been dealing with. As I was going through my frustrations and fatigue induced mood swing, I passed a man. In a wheelchair. With no legs. He did have an umbrella. I had a moment of repentance. Yes, my problems could be worse. As I drove I moved on from health issues to the fact that I still haven't found a job. Seconds later I passed a lady in a fast food uniform. Walking to work. In the rain. I'm sure because she had no other choice. And I was reminded how blessed I am that I am in a position to be able to wait for the kind of job I want, and that I will have a vehicle to get me to it.

God gave me an attitude check that afternoon, but He wasn't done. That night at VBS one of my sweet students told me, "I love the rain!" I agreed that I did too, and immediately began dreaming of a lazy day on my couch. Then she said, "It makes everything grow!" 

Later that night I was sharing with Josh about the people God had used to offer me some perspective. I realized that that lesson was more than just an attitude check. God helped me to understand that regardless of circumstances, the advantage that I had over those two people was that I was protected from the rain in my vehicle. I still had to get out in the storm, but I had a different level of protection. That is what He offers all of His children who are willing to put their faith in Him. We still encounter the storms of life, but we can rest in His protection and know that He will bring us through it.

"But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you. "

~Psalm 5:11

Even as I shared this I found myself still questioning why there seem to be times when the rain just won't stop in our lives. And I remembered the very wise words of my precious student. "I love the rain! It makes everything grow!" 

2 Kings 19:25 tells us, 
" Their people, drained of power, 
    are dismayed and put to shame.
They are like plants in the field,
    like tender green shoots, 
like grass sprouting on the roof,
    scorched before it grows up. "

We've all seen what happens during times of drought. Plants are scorched, they can't survive. They don't have what they need to grow. Sometimes it is hard to look at the challenging things in our lives and see how they accomplish anything good. We don't think of those things as nourishing us the way water nourishes plants, but it is true that we often don't grow until the rain comes.


Melody said...

Love those wake up calls God so uniquely provides. Been missing your posts lately. Sooooo glad you're back at it. Prayed for your job situation last week as I read your blog.

Emily :) said...

Thank you Melody! Your prayers and kind words mean so much to me!