Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whatnot Wednessay: Say Yes to the Dress

* 10 years ago today, I was getting ready for my wedding rehearsal. I have very little memory of it, but I do have pictures. :)

Doesn't everybody have clowns at their wedding rehearsal?

I heart this picture.

BTW, I realized there are no pics of me and Josh together. Go figure. My biggest memory from that night was trying to steal some alone time but our ring bearer and flower girl wouldn't leave us alone. That was great practice for our real life. :)
* Today I got my hair did. I love my hair lady. She is quick, she is reasonable, and she makes me feel pretty. She actually gets on to me if I color my hair and tells me I don't need it. Hairstylist usually ALWAYS tell you to color your hair so they can make more money! She is magical. If I ever become a millionaire I will hire her  to style my hair everyday. :)

* I had a very low moment in mothering yesterday. I have got to go to the grocery store. I mean GOT TA GO.  I had made pizza rolls for the kids using crescent rolls, pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni. I couldn't eat them because of the cheese. I was just about to make a pb&j when I realized Kate had the last pieces of bread. You have to understand, there was no other food in this house I could eat. Y'all, I fought my 3 year old for the bread. It was totally a moment that I was extremely grateful there are not hidden cameras in my house. (Please tell me there are no hidden cameras!!!!!!!!) It wasn't pretty. Thankfully, I found one more piece of bread in the bag so I was able to make her half a "shamwich". Before you immediately get off the computer and call the authorities, Josh helped run his Dad's bread route yesterday and came home with more bread than 5 families could eat. So, we're good y'all. I promise not to fight my children for food anymore. I promise.

* Maybe my irrational behavior will be better understood if you know that I had also gone all day without a Diet Pepsi. Speaking of that, I seemed to have switched from Diet Coke to Diet Pepsi. I think I just needed some change in my life.

* I picked up my Jeep today!!!!!!!!!!! Woo-hoo! I've been without it for a week and my husband has been having to drive me around like Miss Daisy because I won't drive the church van or his car. Yes, those are my options. Actually, I can drive his car, I just have to physically stand up on the brakes to stop it. And, I can drive the church van, I just can't park it. Anyway, I am THRILLED to have my own ride back.

* Yesterday Josh picked up my wedding dress from my Mom's. It's been hanging out in her closet since the day after our wedding. I couldn't wait to get it out and put it on. Don't be impressed. I gained a lot of weight before our wedding, so it's not really a big deal I can fit in it. Anyway, Sarah said it is pretty. Kate said, "Yeah, kinda."  Then, Sarah asked if I was just trying it on or if I was going to wear it somewhere. I joked on my Facebook status that I might wear it to church or to Wal-Mart. Several of my friends thought that was a great idea. Can't you just see me in Wal-Mart in my wedding gown? I would tell the cashier, "Yes, I'm getting the expensive, extra soft toilet paper and the name brand peanut butter. It's a special occassion."

* Our doorbell has rung (rang? runged? ringed?) 15 times in the last two days. I'm not even exaggerating.

* So, after a quick pit stop during the writing of this I realized that it is no longer strange to me to see a book about war history on the side of the bathtub or pliers on the counter in the bathroom. I guess I've gotten use to living with a boy. :)


Lori said...

These were just fantastic!! I heart the picture of you and your Daddy too. I love that you fought Kate for bread (I've talked my child OUT of food lots of times just cause I wanted it.) I love the idea of a special occasion in your wedding dress. Karen might would even wear her bridesmaid dress with you:) But Diet Pepsi???? Emily, say it ain't so!!

Deborah Northcutt said...

Nice set of photos here! Everybody would love to bring back the happy moments of life. This post is something. You rock! This is something all moms should read. Thank you for sharing this. Kudos to You Emily!