Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Wet Whatnot Wednesday

* It must be summer. There were 9 kids in my house today. I thought there were six, counting my kids. Then, they started coming out of the playroom and I realized there were six, PLUS my kids. They're like gremlins. I would think they were eating fried chicken in my playroom, but I know all of the groceries are already gone..... :)

* Kate has created her own fun, summer concoction. I call it "Bath Toy Bubbly". I'm not sure what inspired it, but I find this in my kitchen often.....

* Josh made it back from Alabama! He went to help with disaster relief and he had an amazing trip and came back with some great stories. He totally surprised me last Thursday night. I was meeting a friend for dinner and he just showed up at the restaurant with our friend, Philip, who had been on the trip with him. I wasn't expecting him until late the next day, but bad weather ruined their work plans. Philip had even messaged me on FB the night before fishing for details about the dinner. I teased him asking if they were going to drive back for it and he said, "Ha...we wish".  He thought I had caught on and knew, but truly, I was clueless. I'm such a doofus. It was such a big surprise!  I was very proud of Josh and all the work he did. I was especially proud when he showed me some pics from the trip of a youth group attempting ballet and he told me he had to correct them and tell them they were doing their plies wrong. Who knew my husband had become a ballet expert?  :)

* I am keeping my niece and nephew this weekend and I am sooo excited! This will be their first time away from their parents, but I'm not worried. I'm counting on my kids keeping them entertained. I desperately want to be the cool, fun aunt and have the house everybody wants to hang out at. So, I will start brainwashing them early. :)

* We made a trip to the beach with my Mom and brother on Monday and it was WONDERFUL! I actually am not usually a beach person (I know, I know, it's such a waste since I literally live across the street from it), but I had so much fun Monday. It's been a long time since I was actually able to relax at the beach and not spend the whole time chasing a toddler. I spent more time just floating in the water than I have in forever and I honestly could have stayed in there all day. It made me want to watch Jaws. Weird, I know. It just doesn't feel like summer until I've watched Jaws. Kate LOVES the water and no matter how many times she got knocked down by the waves she would head straight back out.

This is as good as family pics get for us these days. We just positioned ourselves around Kate, who was obviously too busy for picture taking. :)

* I hate to admit this, but I am totally obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial. This trial obsession started for me back in the O.J. Simpson days. Then, they created Court TV. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Now, I am totally involved in this case and am concerned I may consume my whole summer with it. I may need an intervention soon.

* We start VBS next week and every Wed. before we rent a huge inflatable water slide for the kids to play on. Tonight, the bottom fell out. Literally. Of the sky, not the slide. It started storming! Our VBS coordinator came up with a game that didn't actually have an ending or a winner. Somebody asked me how long they were going to play it. I suggested they play it until they passed out from exhaustion!!

* Eli lost another tooth! We actually think he swallowed it because we cannot find it anywhere. I joked that it would come out, and now he is very curious about that, and I don't particularly want to explain it. Or even think about it.....

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thewonderfulhappens said...

Hilarious about the tooth!
I think that family picture is great. I need to remember that strategy of just surrounding our youngest son who never wants to cooperate!!!