Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sweet, Sassy, And Six!

Some things in this life are just beyond comprehension. Like, how in the world is my baby 6 years old????

Yes, on August 28, 2013 Kate (Baby Cake) Fidler turned 6 years old. I can't wrap my mind around it. 

Didn't she JUST come home from the hospital?

Didn't she JUST learn how to strike a pose?

Didn't she JUST learn to play t-ball?

Didn't she JUST learn the most important food group?

Didn't she JUST learn how to dress herself?

And accessorize.....

Didn't she JUST sleep in her big girl bed for the first time?

Didn't she JUST smother herself in a jar of peanut butter?

Well, it's true. She is now 6 and spunky and sassy and sweet!

This girl has personality coming out of her ears. You know those people who it's always an adventure to be around them because you just never know what will come out of their mouths? Yep, Kate is one of those people. :)  The other night at church some girls made a comment about Kate knowing everything because she's the preacher's daughter. I could tell that it embarrassed Kate. While she will speak up sometimes, at other times she will retreat and be very shy. This was not one of those times. Right as I was beginning to think that she was going to hide under my arm for the rest of the night she said, "I wish y'all were my brother and sister so I could tackle y'all." For real. She said that. I didn't know how to respond. Because I was pretty sure I should encourage her not to tackle people, but as someone who has never been able to stand up for myself, I was also kind of proud. :)  Let's just all cross our fingers that I don't get a call from the principle saying she really did tackle someone.....

At six years old Kate would like to be a Vet, a Dr. or a dolphin psychologist. I, of course, am going to encourage the dolphin psychology route. I find that fascinating. Kate is doing very well in school, but she only likes lunch, snack time and recess. Right now she loves Doc McStuffins and Sophia the First. She also loves her Barbies and baby dolls. She quit dance last year because she's "already a good dancer". I thought we were gonna try again this year but she wasn't feeling it. She doesn't understand why she can't just do a solo without taking any classes. 

She loves to play, especially on the playground. When Eli was playing ball she spent many nights on the playground at the ballpark. And many of those times I would find her making sand angels. Just laid out, in the sand. 

Kate is such a cuddly, sweet, loving child. She still wants to sit in my lap, gives me lots of kisses and shows so much concern for others. At school there are two drop off locations. One for the big kids and one for kindergarten through 2nd grade called the "Kiss and Go" lane. Kate has shown me the reason for the name of that drop-off. She gets dropped off on the big kid side with Sarah and Eli, but while they jump out of the car almost before it comes to a stop, Kate takes her time. She gathers her backpack and lunch box. She gives me a kiss. She stops at the door to tell me she loves me. When she gets out she tells me she loves me again and to tell Daddy she loves him, too. I know everyone in line behind me is probably saying ugly things about us, but I'm going to soak up the loving as long as I can. :)

As I said, sometimes Kate can be very shy. But most of the time, Kate really likes to talk. She tells very elaborate stories. Nothing is ever short or to the point with Kate. You will get all of the rich details and you might as well just get settled with a cool beverage while she tells her tales. :)  I can't tell you how many times I've walked up on Kate with ladies from our church, deep in conversation. I've just come to accept that what happens in the parsonage is not going to stay in the parsonage while Kate is around. :)

Kate, there are no words for how happy you make me. How grateful I am that God surprised us with you. I can only imagine that He had as much fun making you as we have enjoying you. You are so smart, funny, talented and kind. You are turning from a too cute toddler into a beautiful little girl. Missing teeth have never looked so cute on someone! You are tough as nails and yet gentle and compassionate. I knew from the time you were born that you would be a fighter, and I was right. While your heart is sensitive, you are also strong and determined. You hang with the big kids and keep us all in our place! You will always be my baby and I may have a little bit of a harder time letting you grow up, but I also look forward to watching you grow. I especially look forward to the conversations we will have and the stories you will tell! 

Happy Birthday Baby Cake!

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