Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Knock, Knock

The thing about teaching Bible stories to kids is, you just don't ever know what your gonna get. Sometimes it's magical. Sometimes it's chaos. Sometimes it's hilarious. Usually it's all of the above. Case in point: my class tonight. I teach kindergarten through 2nd grade and lately Kate (who is 4) has joined our class as she thinks she is too grown up for the nursery.

Tonight, we talked about God choosing a boy, Abraham. We talked about the plans God had for him and how it included leaving his home and his family. During the telling of this story I may have said, "Bottoms in your chairs" and "keep your chairs on the floor" 47 times. I also may have used bribery. Kate may have also found it relevant to share with us that she knows what a "tormado" drill is for. It may have been slightly more chaotic than spiritual. Then, we talked about God being with us wherever we go and that led to a discussion about having Jesus in our hearts. I wanted to make it clear that not everyone has Jesus in their hearts, that we have to ask Jesus to come into our hearts. One of the boys asked, "I have a door in my heart?" As you can imagine, this can be a tricky thing to explain to children. I jumped on the door idea and told them about the verse in Revelation 3:20a, "Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in". 

That led to Eli saying, "Knock, knock!" Of course we all answered, "Who's there?"
 He said, "Jesus."
"Jesus who?"
"Jesus who lives in your heart!"

Great, beautiful moment. That led to- "Knock, knock."  
Class-"Who's there?"
Class-"Apple who?"
Mrs. Emily- "Okay, we've got to get back to our lesson."   Thinking-'Was any of the last 15 minutes part of the lesson????'

I went on to ask the kids what we had to get out of our hearts to make room for Jesus to move in. 
"Sin!" answered the preacher's son. :)
So we talked about how we all have done bad things. Eli felt the need to talk about when other people do bad things.  "One time this boy flipped us the bird. And Kate asked, 'Where did he get a bird from?"

And Kate rolled her eyes, flipped her hair and said, "I just didn't know where the heck that bird came from!"

And I decided we should pray and go eat.


Anyone who thinks Bible study is boring obviously doesn't do it with kids!!!!!

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