Thursday, October 22, 2009

Smashing Pumpkins

Today I am basking in the beauty of fall. Even though it is totally 90 degrees here. Even so, I am enjoying this time of fall decorations. They are my favorite. In fact, most of my house is decorated in fall colors year round, but I enjoy the outside decorating as well. I just love to see everybody's porches and doorsteps decorated with mums, haystacks, scarecrows, and of course, pumpkins! It just feels so homey to me. (Is homey a word? I mean, in a non-rap sense?)

Well, I am taking in this time because I know that in just a few days my decorations will be gone. The beautiful pumpkins we so lovingly hand-picked at the pumpkin patch will so go under the knife. You know what I'm talking about. Pumpkin carving. I don't like it. There, I said it. I've never liked pumpkin carving and I'll tell you why. 1. It's messy. Plain and simple. I don't like messy. 2. It messes up my decorations. Enough said. 3. I am not artistically gifted. What I am saying is I can't even draw pictures, much less carve them into a hard surface. So, I guess it leaves me feeling a little inferior. Especially because my husband apparently has taken graduate classes in pumpkin carving. See what I mean?

A Seminole y'all. I can't even carve the triangles to make a jack-o-lantern!!!!!

Seems that wasn't enough. He had to do this on the other side. Show-off!
All of this pumpkin talk reminded me of a blog from a couple of years ago. If you have a few minutes and nothing else in the world to do check it out!

November 2007

Have you ever had one of those weeks that you should've just stayed in bed? I know, everyone has. I thought I would share mine. It seems to make people laugh and I've become convinced that pest control and making people laugh (at me) are my purposes in life.
It all started last Saturday. I was so excited because we were going on a hayride with the youth and I LOVE hayrides. Especially in the country where you can actually see all of the stars. Anyway, I ended up sick at the doctor's office all day and had to get a shot. And I didn't get to go on the hayride. :(

After church on Sunday we had to make a trip to town. Since I was sick I couldn't feed Kate so we had to get some formula.I also had to get my prescription filled. We were also going to get lunch since I am the sorriest wife and mother ever and had nothing fixed at home. We were about 5 miles from Wal-Mart and the jeep started acting funny and it sounded like a helicopter was about to land on us. The kids were very excited to hear a helicopter. But, it wasn't a helicopter, it was the front tire that had just blown. Yay! We pulled over and called USAA. It was going to be an hour before the tow truck came. Then we realized that all of us could not fit in a tow truck anyway. Josh said something about a taxi and that just cracked me up. A taxi in Newton, MS?? Even if we called a taxi we couldn't all fit in it anyway!! I asked if they could just hook the jeep up with all of us in it. I was feeling pretty lazy. :) Josh said no. One of our deacons came in his mini-van and hauled me and the kids back to the house. No lunch, no formula, and luckily I had forgotten the prescription I needed filled anyway! :) I ended up with 4 new tires so Merry Christmas to me! :)
Monday was our normal day of chaos as Josh goes to school and I usually have my busiest day at work. I also have to pick the kids up from three different houses because no one can handle all 3 of my children alone. :) It truly takes a village to raise my children. I'm usually good and grumpy by the time we get home.

Tuesday was shaping up nicely. I was going to see a few patients and have some nice visits. Then the phone rang. It was Shelly, my partner in crime. We've been nicknamed the nutty nurse and the crazy social worker. We live up to our names quite nicely. She was calling to tell me that one of our patients had an infestation of roaches. Another yay! I went to the co-op to get some Bengal. When I got to the house the lady who takes their food to them asked if we could do something about the roaches. I told her I was on it. When I first went in they didn't seem that bad. I started spraying around the baseboards. Then she pointed up to one of the doorways, and HOLY COW!!!! There were millions. I'm not kidding. I started spraying and the term "coming out of the woodwork" took on a whole new meaning!! I called Shelly later and told her that going into that house with 2 cans of Bengal was like going into Iraq with a sling shot!! And can I just tell you I was not dressed appropriately for extermination! My patient's wife seemed to get a kick out of it. She was excited they were dropping off the walls. I'm sure I could've won some money if there had been a video camera. I finally broke down and called a pest control company. I would have personally paid $5,000 at that point for someone else to take over. When I got home Josh was trying to hug on me and I said "Check my head! Check my head!" That was Tuesday.
Thursday I got in the jeep ready to face the day, turned the key and nothing happened. Not a thing. Josh came out and poured Pepsi on something because it's supposed to eat the corrosion or something that I don't understand, but I really don't want to think about what my Diet Cokes do to my insides. Anyway, he finally realized it was the starter and hit it with a hammer and I was good to go. So I thought. After a 1 hour visit with one of my patients I went to leave and sure enough, the jeep wouldn't start. I wasn't sure what to hit and I didn't want to ask my poor little lady to come sit in the jeep and turn the key. Of course I was 45 minutes from my house (everything is 45 minutes from my house) so I had to wait for Josh to come rescue me. He did. He went and bought me a new starter, but we had to go to the funeral home so he didn't have time to fix it.

Friday I rode to work with Shelly. That night we ordered pizza, but for you city folks you may not believe this we don't have delivery where we live. Me and Josh actually flipped a coin to see who could go get the pizza that's how crazy it was at our house. I lost but Josh let me go anyway. I'm glad we live somewhere safe because I had to leave the jeep running while I went in! :)
Last night Josh and Eli were going with our friend Matt to the races. Me and Cortnee and Sarah and Kate were going to have a girl's night out. I was so excited! Well, even though the jeep had been starting fine all day, when we got ready to go pick up Cortnee, it wouldn't do a thing. So, I had to call Cortnee and she had to pick us up in her VW Bug. That was a sight!! Her trunk is the size of my diaper bag so the stroller wouldn't fit. She offered to tie it down. LOL!! The hillbillies were headed to the mall!! :) I decided we would just rent one at the mall. I know we totally looked like we were playing chinese fire drill in a clown car everytime we had to get out somewhere!!

So, I thought we were starting a new week today and that things would be looking up. However, Matt came over today to help Josh put the starter on and we cannot find the jeep keys anywhere!!!!!!!!!!! I'm taking that as a sign that God does not want me to leave this house ever again!!!!

I asked Josh today if we had broken any mirrors or seen any black cats. He said that the lady at the pumpkin patch said that breaking a pumpkin was the same as breaking a mirror. Our kids have broken 5 of our 6 pumpkins!!!!!!!! I am so not getting out of bed tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

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