Sunday, April 15, 2012


It's that time of year again....ball season! This year is a big deal. We no longer have a t-baller. We have a real, pitching machine league baller. Eli could've played t-ball one more year, but Josh would have none of that. :) So, we're in the big leagues now. Well, Eli's in the big leagues. I'm in the bleachers, the girls are on the playground or at the concession stand, and Josh is pacing. 

It gets pretty tense. Gone are the days of 10 kids running for the ball and 15 chances at the tee. They have to like, catch the ball and hit it and stuff. I'm not going to lie, sometimes it feels tedious. We've gone innings with no hits. And more innings with no balls to catch or throw. We're at that in between stage where it's not as cute as t-ball and not as exciting as the big boys. It's the beginning of learning the basics and it swings between awkward and slow moving to really exciting. Friday night got exciting. I was working on my second cup of boiled peanuts when Eli got up to bat. I get so nervous, y'all. He struggled the first few games with figuring out his timing with the pitching machine(that's what Josh said) and I've just wanted so bad for him to show his coaches and the big kids on his team what he's got. Well, his Dandy bought him a new bat as an early birthday present and it seems to be working some magic. He hit a double!!!! 

The crowd went wild!!!!! Okay, well his Mama did. It was the first hit of the whole game in the top of the 4th! That was exciting in itself, but after that our guys started hitting the ball like crazy! We got 5 runs that inning! I was so proud of Eli, but I realized it just multiplied the excitement that it set off such a chain of events. It was like seeing that somebody else hit the ball gave the other guys the confidence they needed.

It seems that it motivated the guys on the other team too, because they came out and beat our hineys. I've been thinking about it ever since. The need to rally. The thought that sometimes life starts to feel like a no hitter and all the players are twiddling their thumbs in the outfield. Sometimes it seems like every swing you take leads to a strike. You just get discouraged. Then, something happens. You hit the ball. Or a friend hits the ball. There is running, cheering, fist pumping. The scoreboard starts to move. The game changes. And you might even lose the game, but it gives you hope that next time, it's yours.

I'm rallying tonight. A couple of months ago I decided it is time for me to go back to work full-time. These last couple of months have been filled with tears about leaving a job I love, fear of the unknown, excitement about new possibilities, and prayers for direction. One of my specific prayers was that a job would open up here in town. Even as I prayed that I braced myself that I would most likely end up commuting. I was also praying about the timing as I am committed through May with dance and theater. Well, a few weeks ago there was an opening listed here! I sent out my resume, but in just a few days the listing was gone. I was bummed. Strike one. Josh encouraged me to go by the office and take my resume in person. I did and the hiring manager wasn't there. I was told to come back the next week. I went back. Nobody was there. Strike two. I pretty much decided my resume was just floating in cyberspace and nobody would ever see it.

Well, I was discouraged but trying really hard to trust that God had a plan. Then, Friday I got a call asking if I was still interested in the job. I have an interview tomorrow! I'm back to floating between excitement and nerves.Mostly I'm just trying to rally. Trying to get the confidence that after 4 years away from social work (seriously, how did 4 years go by???) that I can do this. I don't know what adventures and trials your week will hold, but I hope I can help you rally too. Don't be afraid to get up to bat. We'll cheer each other on. We'll just keep swinging until we get our timing.And when we do, we'll celebrate with boiled peanuts. :)

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