Thursday, October 20, 2011

Picture It.....

There are 90 trillion blog posts floating around in my head. Some funny. Some serious. Some seriously serious. But, I just can't seem to focus to write any of them right now. I thought that instead I would bless you with my week (or month, or who knows when all of these pics are from?) in pictures. Earlier my computer said it was having communication difficulties with my camera. Apparently they've worked through their conflict, and good for them.

First, I have a picture here of my hubby spray painting baseball pants gold. This will eventually be a whole blog post when I explain in detail how to create the perfect FSU football player costume when all you have is baseball stuff. To get ready for that post make sure you have these things handy: 1. Gold spray paint 2. paper mache` and 3. An incredibly talented hubby. I am coining a new phrase, the "HDI project" as opposed to the DIY project. That stands for "Hubby did it". Yes, you will hear all about it soon. 

This here, is my first ever totally from scratch cake. It is a cinnamon roll cake and while it doesn't exactly look like the picture in the recipe, it smells really good. That counts for something right? We have 2 fall festivals this weekend and cake walks at both. I made this cake and also the Pumpkin Gooey Butter cake and I'm pretty sure I gained 15 pounds from licking the spoon. Oh well. Totally worth it. For the record, I've totally given up on making pretty cakes. I just go for taste and make them in pans you can lick.

                                                     No words needed. I heart them.

This is a Kate photography shot, but it just so sums up my life. Laundry and Mr. Clean. And a house that is so not clean.....

I'm not normally a fan of bathroom shots, but I just couldn't resist today. For some reason my husband thinks that the bathroom is a swell place to recharge electronics like his Kindle and the DS. I mean really, could we pick a place with more opportunities for water damage??? Anyway, I walked in to this scene today. I thought I would never get to use the bathroom. Kate told me she was "usin' the poo poo", but I think she just really didn't want to end her game. I went back in a few minutes later and Eli was in the bathroom with her! Apparently my bathroom has become party central. Yay.

The kids painted their pumpkins on Monday. I've been so bummed we don't have a pumpkin patch to go to, but we've made do. And my table still looks like that.....

Eli let me get this totally cute pic of him with his pumpkin. I'm so glad I got this chair from my Mom. My kids think it is the greatest thing ever and will totally let me take pics if they get to sit in it. Please note my pumpkin on the left. SOMEONE whose name starts with K and rhymes with ate thinks it's fun to pull the beans off. Little stinker!

                                                          My tap girls. They're so silly!

What do you get when you sit through an hour reading of "A Seussified Christmas Carol", preparing for 2 fall festivals, and 5 hours of dance?  You look like this! My brain is only capable of thinking in rhyme and tap rhythm.

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Patty Jo said...

How nice to have such a crafty hubby! Way to go Josh! Can't wait to see the outcome! :)

Cake is cake! Wo cares what it looks like! hahaahahahaha
But it does look really yummy!

Isn't it funny how little ones don't think twice about sharing the potty room and I spend loads of time trying to figure out how I can just get a moment to myself in there. LOL

Love all the pics! It makes it all so much more real! ;)

And for the wig! Well I probably look like this most of the time! haha You look great and such a great MOM!!!