Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Whatnot Wednesday: I'm So Helpful

* I just have to begin this by saying that today is my last CARAZY Wednesday night! Woo-hoo!

* I have recently discovered a new cleaning product that I am infatuated with . Mr. Clean with Febreze. LOVE IT! It actually works as well as bleach (I'm a bleach girl), but it smells SOOOOO GOOD! Yes, I just said I'm infatuated with a cleaning product. I think it is safe to assume I need a date night or a girl's night or something of that nature.

* Josh let the kids pick out my Mother's Day gifts this year and they did very well. Kate got me a Woodwick candle (love those, too!) and Eli got me some pistacchios. He didn't even read my blog last week as I rambled on about my affection for nuts. (Really, y'all may see me on one of those reality shows one day discussing my unhealthy relationships with nuts and cleaning products.) Sarah got me a really cute luggage label with my initial on it. She also proceeded to tell me all of the things she wanted to get me, but were out of her price range. Josh must have felt like he was shopping with me. She is my daughter. Mamaw used to always tell me I had champagne taste on a beer budget. Or since I don't drink, I guess I have pistacchio taste on a peanut budget. :)

* Today one of my 3 year olds at dance told me several times, "My daddy needs to cut that gardenia down." I tell ya, those babies will tell on you. :)

* As I am writing this my child, who is supposed to be sleeping, just told me, "I just feel like I'm still 5 because I'm just still the same size." I wish I could say "I feel like I'm 17 because I'm still the same size", but oh well. Speaking of that, one of my dance girls told me at dress rehearsal Sat. that I looked like a teenager in my costume and make-up. I decided I would take that compliment (even though we all know it's not true) because that particular child is not one for flattery. She has been the first one on days when I've gone to dance sick or without make-up to say, "You look rough!"

* Speaking of dress rehearsal I think it went really well. There were only 2 incidents. First, the only music mishap was of course on mine and Sarah's dance. Josh is doing sound and has all the songs on the laptop. He accidentally used the one that wasn't cut so it was a much longer version than what is choreographed. Second, as I was backstage changing someone came to me and said, "Your child is naked in the hallway." Say what? Of course! Of course my child is naked in the bathroom. Turns out she had to go to the bathroom right before our dance and Josh had to run sound and video the dance. So, he put Eli in charge. Around here, once you're 3, your on your own. By 6, we expect you to be responsible for others. :) Anyway, I went to the hallway to find Kate in the doorway of the bathroom with her tights and costume around her ankles. Her hat was in the stall. My Mother of the Year Award? Out the door.....

* In other, as I am writing this breaking news. Eli is having a total crisis. He asked me for a band-aid for his toe and it turns out I gave him a breathe right strip. Oops. I got him a new band-aid, but when he pulled the paper off some of it stuck so that caused more drama. I thought it might be Christmas before he ever got it on his toe, but Josh assessed the situation and told him it's in a spot you can't put a band-aid. More emotional breakdown occurred. Is it time for bed yet?

* Well, before I do head to bed, I have to tell you what I did while I was trying to help. Josh was sending out some letters to parents about a new ministry we are starting, and I decided I would be helpful and fold letters and put them in envelopes. Josh had left the mailing labels in his office so I went to get them. His check was sitting on his desk so I decided to be extra helpful and bring it home. We folded and stuffed and addressed all the letters.  Josh took them up to the school for teachers to hand out. A few hours later I said something about his check and he said that he hadn't seen it. PANIC. We tore through the house. Through the yard. Through the church. Everywhere. Could not find it. It hit me. What if we put Josh's check in one of those envelopes and sent it to school???? By the time of this realization it was too late to get ahold of anybody at the school. This morning Josh had to ask all the teachers to check all the envelopes and had his secretary stop payment on the check. Sure enough as I was leaving church tonight one of the ladies handed me Josh's check. It was stuck in a door, caught on a cobweb. Who knew cobwebs could be helpful?

*OH MY GOSH! I ran over a snake on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It didn't die. I did a 55 point turn in the road trying to kill it, but it got away.

* Okay, enough of my rambling. I'm getting ready for a house full of company this weekend, the beginning of a new ministry at church and the dance recital. I'm excited! And surprised that people let me help with anything. :)   What's going on in your world?  Link up here and tell us!


thewonderfulhappens said...

55 point turn--love it! I have been known to become obsessed with cleaning products. The Mr. Clean magic eraser rocked my world and had me frantically running through the house cleaning doorjambs. I'm weird like that.

Lori said...

Mr. Clean w/ Febreeze?? Jack is going to go NUTS!:) As far as the rest.... you are so much like me:)

Patty Jo said...

Goodness we are so much alike. It's totally ridiculous. As I read I can actually "see" myself doing each and every one of these things. We should be related. Oh that's right, we are distant cousins anyway. haha Thank you Lord for Christian family and real family! :)

Amber said...

Oh I love that Mr.Clean! And I love the story of Kate, we have to usually tell Taylor when he goes to school that he has to go the bathroom in the bathroom and not drop trouser outside somewhere! =)