Friday, February 11, 2011

The Herding of the Cats

I have never been so glad to see a Friday in my life! It is ridiculously sad how much I look forward to having nothing to do. It is equally ridiculous what I now consider "doing nothing". :) Anyway, we have just been some busy bees and I am really looking forward to a night of frozen pizza (well, I will heat it up in the oven) and a movie date on the couch with my hubby. We've had a super busy week. Last Friday my sister came into town with my niece and nephew. We drove over to my Mom's to have supper with them and afterwards Josh brouht the kids home and I went grocery shopping. It came a monsoon y'all. I am not kidding. It was almost 11:00 before I got home and Josh was already passed out. There was a man walking down the street and it really creeped me out. Would that creep you out or do I just watch too many scary shows? I mean, is 11:00 at night when it's pouring down rain the best time for a walk? Anyway, I've never unloaded groceries so fast in my life!

The next morning I took the kids to register Eli for t-ball. I thought I was never going to get all of them ready. I used to work with one of my friends in the church nursery and she always said that trying to get kids to do things when you want them to is like trying to herd cats. Truer words have never been spoken. We made it to the place and got him signed up. I was feeling accomplished that we had that done. I put the keys in the car and.....nothing. Again. Didn't we just go through this? At this point I realized my phone was on the charger. At home. Not only did I not have my phone but y'all know I don't have any numbers memorized. As I was panicking, I saw a person I know walking into the building. And by "know" her, I mean her daughter came to dance camp and our VBS and she works in the pharmacy at CVS. So, I "know" her on a wave and say hi basis. Well, from now on she probably won't wave or speak to me. She will probably turn and run the other direction. Because I jumped out of the Jeep and followed her inside. I explained that I was broke down, my phone was at home and my hubby was working 45 minutes away. She let me borrow her phone and thankfully there was a phone book in the building. And thankully I know people who listed their phone numbers in the phone book. I was able to get a ride for me and the kids home, but not before lookin' like a fool. I will be known as the Flake of the little league. Oh my gosh, what if they put that on my t-shirt? THE FLAKE.  I will NEVER leave home without my phone!

My  family came over later and we had a good visit with them. The last time I saw my nephew he was going through a phase where he wouldn't hardly acknowledge my existence. This time he made a point to come over and snuggle with me. Melt my heart. My niece, Lyla, is a girl on the go and looks EXACTLY like my sister did at that age. It's amazing. She is such a happy baby.

Sunday we had a new couple in Sunday School. I was excited about that, but not so much about our lesson. We were studying Hosea. For those not familiar with it, it is the story of a prophet that God told to marry a prostitute. It's actually a beautiful story of redemption and unconditional love, but you really have to invest some time in studying it. For a first time Sunday School lesson I can only borrow my firstborn's word: Awkward.

Sunday night I ended up calling my BFF Karen, as I was having an issue that needed BFF advice. We usually don't talk on nights before we have to get up early because we like to talk a lot, but I was in a desperate state of mind. It may also be known as sleep deprivation. Does anybody else start questioning everything in their life when they are tired, or is it just me? I tell ya, sometimes you think the world is coming to end but really you just need a nap. Or a BFF. Either way, I stayed up until close to 1 am talking to her. At 2 am I was awakened by what I was sure was someone breaking into our house. All the lights were coming on. Doors were slamming. Drawers were slung open. I was in a daze. Josh came in and told me he couldn't find his keys. Yep, he was getting ready to leave for work at 2 in the morning. We herded the cats, I mean children, into the car and made the 45 minute drive to Panama City. We dropped Josh off and headed back home for a couple of hours of sleep before school. My kids were wide awake on the trip. I do not know where they get that from. It takes me 4 hours to wake up, it takes them 4 seconds. Eli was asking how to spell words and what time it was in Italy. I was trying to calculate how many hours until bedtime later that night It was going to be a long day...

That afternoon I had dance and we had a new girl show up. Her parents wanted to watch and try out the class. My family came too and it turned into a mini circus, but it was so much fun! Again, a lot like herding cats, but fun nonetheless! I just can't explain how happy I was to have my niece and nephew in dance class with me. (I also had my own youngins, including Kate who was supposed to be dancing, but was doing anything but.)

We always have a parade at the end of tap and I was worried it would be too loud for Lyla, but she loved it! She just took in the sights (and sounds!).

Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen? She is so going to be a ballerina! :)

Luke got in on the tumbling part and had a blast. My sister was so embarrassed because he had a hard time waiting for his turn. I kept telling her I have another class with 3 two year olds and I am used to it all! His daddy says he hopes he got this out of his system. I say at least I didn't have him doing ballet! :)

This here may be one of my all time favorite pictures. Can you see Luke over there propped up, checking out the girls? Like Eli, one day he will love visiting me at the dance studio. :)

After class I made lasagna and we had a great visit. Josh brought a cheesecake home from Winn-Dixie and it made all of the sleep deprivation and cat herding bearable.

The week continued to be crazy and busy and I will spare you the details. I do want to show you the cute boxes the kids made last night for their Valentine's.
Kate made one too, but she hasn't been feeling too good so she opted out of this picture. Oh yeah, did I tell you I have a sick youngin too? I had just taken my melatonin last night (that stuff is the best!) and was headed to bed when she woke up crying. I went in and she was screaming "I want a book!" In her sleep, y'all. She was sound asleep and hollerin' for me to give her a book. So, it was another long night.

I've had several blog ideas floating in my head, but for now this will have to do until I'm thinking straight again. The kids are wore out, too. Sarah missed her first day of school on Tuesday. I think it was just exhaustion. She got to experience her first time waiting in the pick-up line. She asked, "How long does it take to put a kid in a car?"  Oh, sweet child,  you have no idea. It's like herding cats.......

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Lori said...

"Herding cats" is one of the best descriptions I've ever heard! I gotta tell you, Emily, I always think I have a busy, crazy, no sleep kind of life and then I read your blog:) I'm so happy you are having a do nothing, eat pizza kind of night. I am too and I literally just took the frozen pizza out of the oven!! :)

And I LOVE the V-Day boxes!