Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'll have a hot chocolate, a low interest loan and some spray 'n wash, please.

I used to hate when people would say that marriage took work. It just didn't sound romantic at all. Love shouldn't be work. It should be fun and easy and...romantic. Have I mentioned before that I am a hopeless romantic? Despite my hopeless romanticness (one day I will write my own dictionary) I have found that often, I do not feel romantic.

Yesterday while Josh was at school he was sending me messages telling me he loved me and he couldn't wait to see me and he wanted to give me a big smooch. That was sweet and all, but I have to tell you, after a day of homeschooling, driving in the rain to pick up Sarah, cantata practice that consisted of more child chasing than practice, and the wonderful surprise of a dirty pull-up that Diasy had pulled out of the trash awaiting me when I got home, I just wasn't feeling all that romantic. In fact, I was feeling more like I wanted to curl up in the fetal position and mumble for a little while. Poor Josh.

So, this morning I decided I would attempt some good old fashioned romance and surprise Josh at the office with a hot chocolate from Cups, this amazing coffee place my friend Amy introduced me too. Josh and I don't drink coffee, but we can tear up a hot chocolate and a Blondie (my new fave!) Well, this is when I realized what that whole "working" thing is talking about. It is seriously a major event to do things as simple as take a drink to my sweetie at work. First, we had to do school. Then, we had to get everybody ready. Thankfully Sarah and Eli get themselves dressed now. That is good because Kate is at that phase where it is like to trying to dress 8 people. She had to go to the "bafroom", she climbed in the bathtub while I was putting on my make-up, she had to brush her teeth, we had to find socks...you get the picture. We finally got on the road and made the 30 minute drive. (Have I ever mentioned we live at least 30 minutes from ANYTHING?)

I pulled up to the window (yes, they have a drive-thru, praise the Lord!) and the guy informed me that all of their prices had gone up and were not the same as what was listed on the menu outside. I didn't even ask. It didn't matter. I was committed. I had driven through a torrential rain (I love the word torrential) after getting myself and 3 kids dressed. There was no turning back. I was getting Josh that hot chocolate no matter what! I had even put on make-up for pete's sake!! Of course, I couldn't just get Josh the hot chocolate. Are you kidding? My children would be telling that story for years of how we drove millions of miles to get hot chocolate and I didn't let them get any. I could just hear it.

I placed my order and I could tell that the poor guy was not used to getting group orders. Kate got a chocolate milk which she promptly spilled all over her brand new shirt. A girl popped up at the window to tell me my total. $16.35 . Sixteen dollars and thirty five cents. Seriously? Yes, seriously. I started to tell my children that was their lunch. But I didn't. Because I didn't want to mention food or remind them that they require it. So far they haven't remembered. :)

We continued on in the torrential rain storm to Josh's office. We gave him his hot chocolate. He was happy. He said Cups is worth every penny. We smooched. I thought that was worth every penny. :)


Cindi Dailey said...

Awww....love it!

Lori said...


III said...

I've decided that buying drinks from drink stores is totally not worth it.

Unless, I guess, it's a gift like that. Very sweet.

Rachael. said...

Oh how sweet. I know exactly how you feel though!